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Radley Stories

People & Planet

Dogs Trust UK: Care for a Dog in Need

12 May 2022

You can tell from our Scottie mascot that we’re head over heels for dogs here at Radley London. We’re so proud to support the wonderful work Dogs Trust do across the UK and Ireland.

It’s been just over five years since we began working with Dogs Trust. We’ve lost count of how many team members have ended up rehoming or fostering a dog since then. But here are some fantastic numbers you’ve helped us achieve.

  • Over £136,000 raised to support the charity

  • This will cover the first days of essential care for around 3424 dogs

  • Six bespoke collections created with dog-inspired designs

And one number that shows why they need support now more than ever

  • 41% increase in traffic to Dogs Trust ‘Giving up your dog’ webpage between August 2020 and January 2021, compared to the previous six-month period

Change the tale

The global pandemic has created a lot of issues for dog welfare. Whether it’s put a strain on household finances, or from owners sadly passing away. Dogs Trust have launched a campaign called Change the Tale in response. Looking to support thousands of owners, and their four-legged friends, who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. 

The support they offer ranges from helping dog owners without a home, to a unique fostering service for dog owners experiencing domestic abuse.

Our friends at Dogs Trust have also noticed an increase in dogs being given up due to behavioural problems caused by lockdown. They surveyed over 6000 people and found 82% reported an increase in reports of dogs whining or barking when someone was busy. If you notice any behavioral changes with your pooch, try reading the Dogs Trust guide to help them adapt.

A new way to help

We’ve launched a JustGiving page as part of our mission to support Dogs Trust. Louise, our Head of Marketing, summed up why this is so important to the Radley London team.

“We’re so proud to support the people who work tirelessly, caring for the most vulnerable dogs. Our team is dedicated to making the world a better place to be in any way we can. And we’re all a little bit dog-crazy.”

If you want to help out, please consider donating whatever you can.

Meet some Dogs Trust alumni

Get ready for some of the cutest creatures on four legs. When you support Dogs Trust, these are the lives you change.


Alfonso came into Dogs Trust Loughborough back in March with very little history. It wasn't long before he was adopted and found his forever family. As you can see, he's now living his best life with lots of snuggles, snoozes and beach walkies. We're so happy for you Alfonso.

Amber came into Dogs Trust Evesham at the end of March as a worried little soul. After experiencing the calm and quiet area of the centre she soon began to come out of her shell. Amber has now landed firmly on her paws in her lovely forever home. She is loving her home comforts with her own secure garden to play in.

 Galahad is the biggest dog that Dogs Trust Canterbury have ever cared for, weighing 100kg (the same weight as a baby elephant). One of his adopters, Colin, said “He’s fantastic - he sits, gives you his paw, he comes up and gives you a kiss. He’s brilliant with our son Matthew, who is autistic.” Since joining his new home, Galahad has played football, tug and has been loving splashing around the hosepipe.

After Stan and Martin sadly lost their much-loved dog Trent last year, they returned to Dogs Trust Merseyside in search of a canine companion. The team were pleased to match Stan and Martin with gorgeous Gio who was in need of a loving home. Gio didn’t have the best start to life, but has certainly landed on his paws with his forever family, where he’ll soon celebrate his first birthday.

Marley came into the care of Dogs Trust Loughborough last year. The team gave her the TLC she needed and it wasn't long before she found her forever home. Her owners say as soon as they saw her on the website, they knew she was the one. Marley never fails to make them laugh and is the most loyal, loving girl.

Can you see why we love working with Dogs Trust? We want to say a huge thank you to all the staff. Their work is truly life-changing for dogs like these. We can’t wait to say what the next five years will bring for our partnership.