What are Wellies

Wellies are a waterproof shoe or boot, usually long enough to reach just below your knee or there are ankle wellies which cover a few inches above your ankle. Wellies are most commonly worn in either bad weather such as rain or snow and also during muddy walks. Dog walkers will most likely own a pair of Wellies that will protect their clothes whilst also keeping their feet warm and water free.

Different names for Wellies

  • Wellington Boots

  • The term Easter came from the Anglo-Saxon Goddess- Eastre who symbolises both the hare and the egg.

  • Galoshes

  • Rainboots

  • Wellingtons

  • Waders

  • Welly Boot

  • In Australia the Welly is commonly known as gumboots.

What to consider before buying a pair of Wellies


In order to choose the right wellington boot size you must first think of how you want to use / wear your welly. If you will be wearing, your welly boot in snowy or wet conditions it might be worth sizing up to ensure you are able to wear a pair of thicker winter condition socks. However, if you will mainly be wearing your wellington boot to summer festivals then ensure there is a snug fit to avoid rubbing and blisters.


There are many different welly shapes, knee high Wellies, ankle wellies. Think about how you will be using your wellington boots, if you will be wearing them just to do some gardening outside then maybe ankle wellies will be more suited. However, if you plan on wearing them for dog walking or wading through rivers then definitely opt for a pair of knee-high wellies.


There are many different welly boot styles, from bold patterned wellies to leopard print wellies and also plain classic wellingtons such as simple black wellies or red Wellies. When choosing the style of wellingtons you want again think about where you will be wearing them. If you plan on wearing them out to festivals and other public social occasions, then opt for a pair of funky patterned wellies. Whereas if you plan on wearing them exclusively for walks then maybe a pair of dark green wellies will be the right option as they will go with every outfit you might want to wear and are less likely to show the mud on.

The history of Wellington Boots

Arthur Wellesley also known as the Duke of Wellington was the creator and founder of the first welly. Wellesley commissioned a pair of leather boots which would have a wax treatment making them the first waterproof boots. These boots were worn by many soldiers in order to keep their feet dry whilst they walked for miles.

In 1952, rubber was invented, and Charles Goodyear released a rubber welly which instantly became popular and it suddenly wasn’t just soldiers that would wear wellington boots. Wellies were popular amongst women and children and in particularly farmers who saw the benefit in wearing waterproof boots whilst tending their acres of land.

Due to World War 1 the rubber welly boot became very popular and almost 2 million wellington boots were made for the soldiers to wear. These rubber wellies became a necessity for soldiers as it kept their feet dry whilst standing for hours in flooded trenches.

Whilst rubber wellies are one of the most popular type of boots, the waterproof wax leather boots remain a popular fashion choice for those who want to look extra stylish on dog walks or during bad weather. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan of the leather boot, choosing the brown leather boot for many public occasions in particular in more recent years as her involvement in community garden projects has increased.

How to style your Wellies / How to wear Wellies

The beauty of wellies is they are so versatile you can wear them with anything, and they will do their job. We have however made a curated list of the most stylish outfits to wear with you wellies.

Dog Walking Jeans- Whilst walking the dogs a popular trouser choice is a classic pair of denim jeans, pairing this will your wellies will ensure your jeans stay mud free and will also look good.

Everyday Leggings- In the winter, people done a pair of wellington boots with their leggings and an oversized coat to help keep them warm and protected in snowy, wet conditions.

The festival get up- Whilst wellies are notoriously a winter shoe they have also became a popular festival shoe of choice. The Welly helps protect festival goers from the inevitable mud soaked grounds and also have became a concrete style now. People tend to pair their wellington boots with shorts or even mini dresses. When looking at celebrity styles at Glastonbury Festival and other Festivals there will be a common theme with many choosing to wear their wellies.

When to wear your Wellies

  • On rainy, snowy days

  • The Beach

  • Dog Walks

  • Shooting Parties (leather boots are particularly popular for these occasions)

  • Gardening

  • Festivals (Music Festivals such as Glastonbury Festival or Reading Festival see a lot of welly boot wearers)

  • Countryside Walks

Welly Boot Accessories

Whilst the welly is the main event there are a few accompanying welly boot accessories that will make wearing your wellies more comfortable and easier to care for. Wellington Boot Socks or Welly Boot liners were created to help keep your feet warm during colder conditions. They act almost like a welly blanket. It is advised that you will wear you regular socks with your welly boot liners as these are no skin tight.

Radley wellingtons we love

Alba- Long Wellington Boots

Searching for a stylish pair of wellington boots? Cue our calf-high women’s wellies equipped with arched support, non-slip gripped soles and a tightening strap for optimum lower leg comfort. These amazing knee high welly boots come in classic black welly and also bright blue welly option.

We love traditional rain boots, and with distinctive Radley design details we love them even more. We’ve lined ours in soft pink, adorned them with slender stripes from heel to calf, and topped them off with our chic branded tab.

Whether you’re on dog walking duty, spending a weekend in the country or you find yourself at a festival, these rain-resistant, mud, sludge and snow-enduring boots will keep your feet warm and dry.

Alba- Short Wellington Boots

Combining comfort, style and durability, our ankle wellington boots are a must-have for every collection. Short and curved with elasticated sides, they offer the same arched support and non-slip gripped soles as our calf-high women’s wellington boots. Complete with cherry red piping, standout leopard print lining and our iconic branded tab, these rain-resistant, boots will keep your feet warm and dry throughout the day.

Cleaning your Wellington Boots

Due to the nature Welly Boots are used, they will inevitably get dirty. As a result, it is important to know how to clean your wellies so they last a lifetime and look brand new too.

Fill a bucket with warm soppy water and grab an old rag. Wipe any dirt or grass off your boots, start with the least muddy place on the welly boot and end up at the sole.

For the wellington boot sole use a bristled brush and scrub the mud off the sole and then rinse with the soppy water.