Wallets in Fashion

Accompanying you around from day to day, your wallet needs to be in tune with all your needs. Smart, slimline and stylish – you can be sure that a RadleyWallet ticks all the necessary boxes. Men’s wallets should last for years, which is why our designer leather options are crafted to stand the test of time, no matter how much use they sustain. Their premium leather exteriors, combined with dapper finishing touches will ensure you look the part, while the bifold or trifold functionality gives you options, depending on how much you like to carry around with you. We know that a luxury Wallets might just be the most important accessory you carry around with you, which is why we offer a selection that is certainly guaranteed to offer you everything you need.

A Wallets unique purpose

The vast majority use a Wallet, but in very different ways. Each individuals’ lives are so different and what they deem a necessity is so different and as a result what they feel they want from their wallet will be completely unique. Questions that you should ask yourself before choosing what type of Wallet you need are:

  • Do you travel often?
  • Do you save your receipts?
  • Do you carry cash (notes or coins)?
  • Do you carry your wallet in your pocket or bag?
  • How many cards do you have?

It is important to choose a Wallet that is functional to your lifestyle because unlike a handbag a wallet isn’t changed or rotated as much. As a result, they are an important investment and something that is worth considering properly.

Fun Facts about Wallets

The first wallet was introduced in the 17th Century just after the introduction of notes which were introduced in the 1600s. Prior to the Wallet only coins were used and therefore purses and pouches were the preferred method of carrying. When notes were created there was a need to better organise your money.

After the introduction of the credit card in the 1950s the wallet design changed. This was the start of the wallet as we know today, one with multiple slots to fit your cards, a clasp or zip around section for coins and a larger slot at the top for notes. This style is referred to as the Bi-Fold Wallet.

In history wallets used to carry much more interesting and unique things than just your money, many would use their wallet to carry any treasures they have which would include any dried meat or other elements that couldn’t be exposed. Luckily the bag was later created to store such things and the wallet became a money focused item.

When the wallet was first introduced it was uncivilised to carry your Wallet in your pocket and instead the preferred method was to carry your wallet in a section of your belt.

The wallet has grown and innovate with consumer tastes changing and advances in technology. Due to the invention of transport many people travel more and therefore a travel wallet was created, this would store any foreign currency or other necessities such as your passport and other travel documents. The wallet has remained a staple accessory for years but as increasingly we head towards a cashless economy, card wallets are taking over. A more streamlined design that has several slots for cards but no coin pouch.

Due to the increase in contactless payments, Wallet technology has improved too. Now to help combat thieves being able to remotely steal your money there are radio frequency blocking wallets. These RFID blocking wallets help to protect your card numbers and expiry date being able to be stolen. One of the big positives for an RFID blocking wallet is that your details are stolen remotely, therefore, you still have a working physical card. This means often you don’t realise your details have even been stolen until it’s too late.

Different Types of Wallets Users

Wallet shopping differs massively between genders, most men have one Wallet that serves a multitude of purposes and rarely have a rotation of different styles on the go, whereas women tend to change Wallets based on outfits and needs of that particular day. Men tend to keep the same wallet that was gifted years ago whereas, women will research and plan their purpose months in advance.

We’ve broken down some of the different types of Wallet users that should help to inform you for your next purchase.

  • The Cashless Convert: If you are one of the individuals that solely uses their card and finds carrying round cash irrelevant then a card wallet is for you.
  • The ATM Fiend: Those that still love paying with physical cash and regularly take more money out would be best suited with a traditional bi-fold wallet that could lay your notes flat and organised at the back.
  • Change Obsessed: Many still prefer to pay for car parking with coins (even though technology has developed, and, in many locations, we are now able to pay through an app!) or even some still pay for their daily coffee with left over change. As a result, these people need a secure slot that can fit all their change, ensuring it doesn’t fall out everywhere in their bag.
  • World Traveller: The business traveller or even just the explorer will need a wallet with a different purpose. The Travel wallet combines daily essentials with travel organisations, many have a specific slot for your passport, travel documents and then also card slots and cash.
  • The Fashion Forward Spender: The wallet and bag have collided in recent years. The tiny bag grew in popularity across 2019, a bag so small you could only fit your card and maybe a few notes. There’s also a spike in the belt wallet, a stylish take on the work man’s convenience belt. The on trend and elegant belt bag / wallet features multiple pockets and slot for all your daily necessities such as a phone slot and many card slots.
  • Tech Savvy: With improvements in technology and the ability to now store your cards in a virtual E-Wallet, physical wallets for some are a thing of the past. For example with the Apple wallet you can make a payment in seconds all from your phone, using either your unique passcode or facial recognition to ensure it’s you making the payment. Not only can you store your payment cards in your e-wallet but retailers and more are moving their loyalty cards of even TFL have moved their railcard to a virtual format which too can be stored in your e-wallet or apple wallet.

What should you carry in your Wallet?

Credit Cards

  • It’s important to carry your credit card with you at all times. You never know when you might need it and it’s useful in emergencies. However, be careful you know where it is and that you have set a safe limit just in case it is stolen.

Debit Cards
  • Not only can you pay for things with your debit card it is also useful to keep with you in case you need emergency cash out. Often machines charge high rates to take cash out using your credit card so this avoids losing any money.

  • If you’re of those Cashless Converts then this won’t apply to you. Carrying cash can be useful for those purchases that are too small to go through on card. You can’t go wrong with carrying a safety £20.

  • It’s always vital to carry around a form of ID such as your drivers license card. From driving to buying alcohol your identification is often needed throughout the day so it’s good to keep it on hand at all times.

Emergency Contact Information
  • It might sound silly but carrying a card with your emergency contact on could save your life. These occasions aren’t planned and often phones have a lock so if you were in trouble it’s impossible for a stranger to try and help without this information.

What not to carry in your Wallet?

Passport, Birth Certificate

  • When travelling it might be important to carry these items but day to day it’s unnecessary. If these items are carried day to day it increases the chances of them being stolen or lost and with such personal information someone could steal your identity.

A Spare Key
  • Be careful about what information you have in your wallet. Whilst it’s useful to have an emergency contact number don’t keep a spare key and your address. If this was to get into the wrong hands it could be dangerous.

  • Might sound silly but some people keep a list of their passwords in their wallets and again if this got into the wrongs hands it would lead to a difficult situation.

Blank Cheques
  • Whatever advice you take, make it this one. Do not leave blank cheques on your person, in your wallet or bag it makes it far too easy for someone to steal money from you if they were to get in the wrong persons hands and it’s incredibly difficult to recover said stolen money.

Radley Wallets for Women

Bath Court- Large Bifold Matinee

Fashion meets function with the Bath Court purse. Designed with a fresh take on the leopard print trend, it will make a timeless addition to your Radley collection. Crafted from premium leather with zip-top compartment, it opens to reveal multiple slip pockets for stowing multiple cards and crisp notes. Pair it with one of your favourite Radley handbags for a sleek finishing touch.

London Pockets- Large Bifold Matinee

Inspired by our much-loved Pocket Bag, this leather purse is the perfect handbag companion. Pockets everywhere you look, there is plenty of space inside to keep your money and cards organised throughout your day. A Radley staple that you can’t say no to! Easy to wear whether you’re on your way to work or on casual shopping trips, you’ll be fully prepared with a classic design like this one to hand.

Let Them Eat Cake- Large Flapover Matinee

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this delightful purse from our Let them eat cake collection. Designed with an applique story of our iconic Radley Scottie dog and a mouse excitedly ready to eat cake, against a colour block background, it’s the perfect gift for someone special. Once you’ve finished taking it all in, you’ll be delighted further by the abundance of pocket storage space inside that will keep all of your essentials in-hand and close to hand.

Radley Wallets for Men

Cannon Street- Medium Bifold Wallet

Introducing your new men’s bifold leather wallet in sleek, edited detail. Crafted from the finest black leather, its facade is smooth with a slight sheen with the only markings being the Radley London logo in the reverse corner. Open it up and there’s space for multiple cards on both sides with a uplifting burst of bold Cobalt Blue.

Cannon Street- Small Card Holder

Scale down the size of your wallet with this men’s leather card holder. Deliberately pared-down, the less-is-more approach to design makes this an investment piece that won’t date with nothing but supple black and contrasting Cobalt Blue leather for detail. Team it with your favourite Cannon Street men’s bag for seamless style continuity.