Travel Bags in Fashion

Prepare for adventures abroad with our collection of handbags and accessories that are perfect for the holiday season. Featuring a range of leather and non-leather Travel Bag designs that’ll see you through relaxing beach days or long city walks while site seeing, you’ll be able to keep all your essentials secure and organised.

What is a Travel Bag?

Quite simply, a Travel Bag is a bag that you take with you when you go on your travels, whether this be an overnight stay, a two-week holiday, or going travelling for six months. Within the category travel bags there are multiple different types which include Suitcases, Vanity Cases, Backpacks, Tote Bags, Bumbags, Duffle Bags, Cross Body Bags and Tech Pouches, even Passport Cases would be classic as a type of type Travel Bag. Travel bags come in all shapes and sizes, but the majority are usually quite large in size and tend to describe the suitcase, as they are designed to carry more than your everyday items. Most people when travelling will need to pack clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other extras that they may need whilst they are on their trip.

History of the Suitcase

If you plan on travelling this year, even just a staycation the likelihood is that you will be taking a suitcase with you. Everyone has a suitcase, but no one realises how far luggage has come.

In the 1870s the luggage of choice was a flat-top trunk. The trunk is still used today in boarding schools to store tuck and snacks in. Then in the 1920s it was popular to have a sticker suitcase; these were similar to the trunk but a more transportable version and often people would collect stickers from their travels which would be creatively displayed on their Suitcase. Then in the 1960s the four wheeled modern suitcase was invented. The four-wheel suitcase made transportation of luggage much easier and with the industrial revolution and more accessible travel, people were now after a suitcase that could move with them.

Not only has the Suitcase design changed but also the material of choice. The original suitcase was made of wool or in some cases linen. Soon this was swapped to leather suitcases as leather is more durable and would be used to cover wooden trunks or its own right as a traditional leather case. As material knowledge grew polyester was soon used and even further to the 21st century suitcase which is commonly made of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

What is a Travel Wallet?

A travel wallet is a type of wallet that has a lot more internal space and individual slots which allow you to keep organised whilst on the go. When travelling it’s important to be able to access your passport or boarding pass etc quickly so having separate places for all your travelling essentials is what makes the travel wallet so popular.

With the experience surge that people are after, the popularity of travelling has also increase, with it the travel wallet is having a moment. Whilst you can now keep a lot of important documents on your smartphone, many still want to hold hard copies for security reasons and the travel wallet allows these documents to be kept safe and organised.

Travel wallets come in a range of sizes and materials; however, the most popular designs are ones that are large enough the carry all your travel necessities, but small enough to fit in a bag. Leather is also a popular choice of material for travel wallets due to it durable nature.

What is a Passport Case?

A passport cover differs to a travel wallet because it’s solely used as a decorative cover and protector for your passport. A tear or water damage to your passport could mean it is rejected by immigration officials which would mean you wouldn’t be allowed to travel, therefore, having a protective passport cover would eliminate that fear.

Aside from the security advantages of having a passport cover, it is also popular because it adds a stylish personalised element to your passport. It makes it more efficient when you get to the airport and everyone is trying to find their individual passport to hand over to the immigration officer.

Another good thing about using a passport cover is that makes your passport personal to you rather than it being the same as everybody else’s. It will be quicker handing out passports at the airport if they all have a different cover on, as it makes them easier to identify rather than having to look for the identification page inside. Furthermore, the interior of a passport cover has space for any travel documents you need such as boarding passes and necessities such as credit cards and insurance.

How to choose the right holiday / Travel Bag for you

Planning a holiday or a weekend away? If you love to travel as much as we do, you’ll love our lightweight travel collection featuring casual totes, cross body bags and pouches that double up as nifty hand luggage. So, whether its city sightseeing or poolside pampering on your agenda, be sure to pick up one of these adventure ready accessories.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide what Travel Bag is for you:

Are you going to be carrying a lot?

If you are then a duffle bag or light-weight tote may be best for you as you will be able to fit a lot in. However, if you are just looking to carry your essentials with you, then maybe a smaller cross-body bag would be beneficial.

Is your bag going to be heavy?

If you have a heavier bag, it may be worth getting a backpack as that will distribute the weight more evenly.

Will you be carrying your bag for long periods of time?

You need to make sure that the bag is comfy to carry for long periods of time, one with a soft strap will be best, or one that goes across your body or on your back so that you will be hands-free.

Is your bag likely to get wet?

Go for a material that is more water resistant to protect your electricals.

How durable do you need your bag to be?

If the protection of items inside your bag is your highest priority, consider hard-sided luggage. These are often made from lightweight, impact-resistant plastics. Luggage made from aluminium provides excellent protection, but they are heavy and expensive. The aluminium suitcases are having a spike in popularity due to their protective nature but also the look, these suitcases are stylish and the suitcase of the moment.

However, soft sided Luggage can also be protective and allows you to stuff your suitcase into small spaces as well as offering you the option to fold them away when not in use.

What Features Do You Want Your Luggage to Have?


The first suitcase created didn’t have wheels, it was a trunk and at the start of its inception didn’t even have a grab handle. Nowadays the suitcase has wheels at the bottom to make transportation easier and a grab handle for extra ease. There are now two wheeled suitcases and four wheeled suitcases available. The big advantage to the two wheeled suitcase is the ability to easily pull it along cobble streets and also should you need to stop you can simply stand your suitcase up and it won’t roll away. However, the four wheeled suitcases also have a lot of benefits, in particular it makes it easier to pull your suitcase next to you and it won’t flip over like some two wheeled suitcases.

Carry On Size

When taking luggage onto an aircraft cabin with you, there are often very strict size guidelines that the bag has to meet in order for it to be allowed on the plane with you rather than in the hold. Each airline has a different set of dimensions, so if is best to check with them before you fly. A popular carry on bag is the duffle bag. The duffle bag is a good size which enables you to carry your travel necessities and more and many even have enough interior space for a bikini and a few light outfits. These reasons make the duffle bag both the perfect carry on size travel bag and also the perfect suitcase alternative for those shorter trips.

Laptop Compartment

The majority of work bags (backpack and tote bags) have a laptop compartment in them now. This is a separated, usually padded, compartment within you bag which is designed to hold your laptop. This will help protected your laptop from any damage that may occur to it whilst in the bag. If you need to travel with your laptop or other technology devices it is important to find a travel bag that has an easy to access compartment. The reason for this is nowadays at most airports you have to remove your laptop and tablet from your bag when you reach security.


If you are travelling it is likely that you will want a bag with lots of pockets and compartments. This is because you are likely to be carry many things that you need to be able to find and access with ease. Having a place for your passport, tickets, keys, electronics, pens, etc, will be much more help than them all being in one place together.

Radley Travel Bags and Accessories for Women

Botanical Floral Suitcase Range

Inspired by the botanical beauty of London’s Kew Gardens - opt for this screen-printed medium suitcase that showcases our iconic Scottie all over for your travels. Ultra-lightweight with internal divider packing sections this design makes sure you can fit everything you could possibly need inside with ease. The four wheeled base and extendable pull handle makes this a stress-free companion to take through the airport, while the integrated TSA lock gives you extra peace of mind. The Botanical Floral range feature four travel options, a large four wheel suitcase, a medium four wheel suitcase, a small four wheel suitcase and a vanity case.

Vintage Dog Dot Suitcase Range

Our Vintage Dog Dot collection combines two of our favourite Radley prints, our iconic Scottie dog and playful polka dots. This large suitcase is ultra-lightweight with internal double divider packing sections to make sure you can fit everything you could possibly need inside with ease. The four wheeled base and extendable pull handle makes this a stress-free companion to take through the airport, while the integrated TSA lock gives you extra peace of mind. The Vintage Dog Dot Suitcase features four travel suitcase options, a large four wheel suitcase, a medium four wheel suitcase, a small cabin travel case and a vanity case.

Winter Holidays Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is a great and useful accessory when travelling, it ensures extra protection if your travel case is ever lost because you can write your name and contact information.

Radley Travel Bags and Accessories for Men

Cannon Street Large Zip Around Multiway Bag

A men’s cross body sling bag to achieve the suited and booted aesthetic. Not only that, the Radley design team wanted to create a leather bag for men that performed highly on versatility and storage as much as on the style front. Three bags in one, wear it as a men’s tote bag with the shoulder strap, unclip it and it becomes the modern man’s briefcase, or see it as your upgraded computer messenger bag.

Cannon Street Large Zip Around Backpack

Men’s backpacks for stowing away even the largest of laptops deserve to be as design-conscious as sleeker, more svelte fashion bags. Cue this smart men’s backpack with multiple compartments for separating your tech from your other on-the-go essentials. Being a black leather backpack, you know it will work with any outfit from navy or grey suit to tailored khaki chinos and trainers, and with extra padding in the straps and bag’s interior, your equipment and shoulders stay cushioned.

Different Types of Travel Bags


A case with a handle and a hinged lid, used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions. Can come in a variety of different sizes. There are both wheeled and non-wheeled suitcases. Non-wheeled suitcases have a strong handle so that they can be carried. Wheeled suitcases have either two or four wheels on the bottom, and an extendable handle at the top for the user to be able to pull it along with ease.

Vanity Case

A small case fitted with a mirror and compartments for make-up. Sometimes has an elastic strap on the back to fit around the handle of a suitcase.


Quite simply, a backpack is a bag used to carry things on your back. Although handbags are generally considered to be a women’s accessory, backpacks are made equally as much for men as they are women.

Duffle Bag

Also known as a holdall, this is a cylindrical bag made of cloth, with a draw string closure at the top but the term is now used to describe a variety of soft sided bags.

Tote Bag

This type of bag is usually large in size with a zip top and one to two straps which sit comfortably on the shoulder.

Crossbody Bag

This type of bag usually has one long strap that crosses over the body, with the bag resting on the wearer’s waist.

Tech Pouch

This helps to keep your technology, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops safe from bumps and scratches, whilst also adding a pop of personality to your tech. These usually go inside of another main bag, so you don’t have to worry about your tech being damaged by keys or other handbag essentials.


A small pouch on a belt, for money and small articles, worn round the waist or hips.

TopTips for Luggage

If you are flying, know your carry-on rules, for example, the UK has recently banned laptops and tablets on flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Make sure you know the maximum size of luggage you can take on the aircraft or you may get a hefty fine.

Always pack in layers and roll your clothes to save space.

If you are taking a large bag with you travelling, it is advisable that you also carry a smaller cross body bag to carry your essentials such as your phone, money and passport, for easy access.

Zip-top bags are best for travel so you can me sure that nothing falls out of your bag.