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Style Notes

Mobile Phone Bags For Ladies: What Are The Benefits of a Phone Pouch?

30 August 2023

Ever wondered ‘how do you carry your phone while wearing a dress with no pockets’? We’ve got the perfect solution. A phone cross body bag. They’re practical, compact and stylish. And you’re in the right place to find out everything you need to know about them. 

What Is a Phone Bag?

Just as it sounds, it’s a handbag that’s designed to hold your phone. They’re compact – just like a small cross body bag – and they’re typically hands-free as they feature an adjustable strap that helps keep your essentials close by. These are just a few of the benefits of a phone pouch, but there are many more. So there’s no need to wonder ‘are phone bags useful’.

Perhaps you’re always digging around in your large tote bag to find your phone? Or maybe you only like to carry a few items when popping out. This is where a mobile phone bag for ladies comes in handy. It keeps your phone close by, easily accessible and saves you from carrying around heavy, bulky bags.


Other Names for Phone Cross Body Bags

Phone bag or phone cross body bag

These are the names we use at Radley London. You’ll see is any variation of ‘mobile phone cross body bag for ladies’ throughout this guide and on other areas of our website.

Phone pouch or phone purse

Similar to the name listed above, these terms clearly define the bag as a style that holds your phone. The term ‘phone pouch’ comes from the fact that it’s a small bag, whereas ‘phone purse’ is more likely to be used in America, as there ‘purse’ is used as an alternative to the word handbag.

Festival bag

Any curated festival edit may feature phone cross body bags. That’s because they’re the perfect size for carrying your essentials – a small bag is all you need for a festival bag as it will carry your phone (to capture your memories), your bank card (for buying drinks and snacks) and your sunglasses (ready for when the sun comes out).

Strap bag

While some may refer to a phone cross body as a strap bag, this term can cause some confusion as it could refer to any type of handbag that comes with a strap, including a small cross body bag or even a shoulder bag. So why would it be called a strap bag? Phone purses can be relatively simple in design, so its long cross body strap can end up being its defining feature.

Belt bag

This style is also known as a bumbag – a type of bag that’s worn around the waist. But is a belt bag the same as a phone bag? They may share a few features – the hands-free functionality and the compact size – but these two styles are not the same.

A belt bag is designed to be worn around your waist and will typically have a curved shape that sits against the body, an adjustable waist strap and a fastening across the top. (However, in recent years, it has become a trend to wear bumbags diagonally across the body, much like a cross body bag. When worn this way, they have one extra thing in common with a stylish phone pouch.)

Are Phone Bags in Style?

The answer is yes, absolutely. Whether it’s the luxury kind you see on catwalks, or more casual editions, like the everyday and festival bags, mobile phone bags for ladies are in. And very popular. There are lots of reasons why we love mini cell phone cross body bags. We could go on and on about the benefits of a phone pouch, but instead we’ve compiled a handy list of the top ones. Take a read below.


What Are The Benefits of a Phone Pouch?

1.       They’re hands-free

Perhaps you’re carrying home bags of groceries, or a latte from your favourite coffee shop. Whatever errands you’re running, they’re easier when you have a phone purse by your side. This small cross body bag will be there to hold your essentials, leaving your hands free to hold everything else.

2.       They’re lightweight

Thanks to their compact size, a mobile phone cross body for ladies means you can cut down on carrying bulky items. Without them, you’ll find your bags feels much lighter and therefore, much more comfortable to wear. The cross body strap helps with that too, as it distributes the bag’s light weight evenly across your body, instead of putting all the pressure on one shoulder.

3.       They’re in style

As we’ve already mentioned. You’ll no longer be asking ‘are phone bags in style’. They definitely are. Vogue has even explained how it all started with the trophy phone case back in 2021. Now, the trend has developed even further, with cases becoming mini cross body bags. And now, whether it’s a mini cross body bag or a festival bag, everyone has their eye on a type of phone bag.

4.       They’re small but mighty

Incredibly practical. These bags may be small but any good Design Team (and ours is amazing when it comes to Craft & Design) will know that the best phone cross body bags should have enough room for those everyday essentials. Our styles will fit your phone and house keys, and even have a few slots to keep your cards safe too.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Wearing a Dress?

We all know how hard it is to find a dress that looks great, fits well, and comes with pockets. That’s where a phone pouch comes in. This compact, stylish bag provides the perfect solution. Not so big that it’s like carrying a spacious bag, but not so small that you can’t fit your essentials inside. A cell phone bag is like having a pocket on a strap – one that you can add to any outfit. Especially those day or evening dresses that don’t have pockets.


Now you’ve read our guide, you’ll know all the answers to the top questions about our favourite type of mini cross body bag – are phone bags useful and in style? And you know that a phone purse is the perfect solution if you’re wondering ‘how do you carry your phone while wearing a dress?’. Now you’re ready to shop for your perfect phone pouch. Once you’ve found one, make sure you’re clued up on our leather aftercare to help you maintains its quality even as you use it every day.

If you want to discover all there is to know about our other handbags, take a look at our Style Notes guides over on Radley Stories, including those on ‘What Is A Grab Bag’ and ‘What Are The Best Evening Clutch Bags’. While you’re there, you can also read all about our New Arrivals.