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Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Policy

Radley & Co – Ethical, Environmental and Social Supply Chain

At Radley & Co we’ve been working on transparency throughout our full Supply Chain for some time now. With a global understanding that retail brands are having an affect on the Global Environment, particularly in Fashion, we recognise that within our sector we have a responsibility to affect and effect change in the Ethical, Environmental and Social areas in terms of how we Design, Source, manufacture and deliver our products to our consumers across the Globe.

All of our Partner Suppliers follow a yearly programme of Auditing, where we stipulate specific Audits are undertaken as our standard. Should any Partner Supplier need support through the report findings, we as a brand actively embrace and support a CAP (Corrective Action Plan) to progressively manage enhancements in their facility to improve all aspects of the manufacturing process for the people and product under its management.

We take a broader approach; in that we work with long term Partner Suppliers and establish firm relationships with each and every one. We extend our Audit and Ethical management to Secondary and Tertiary Suppliers; our approach is to help and support the complete Supply Chain we work with. All of our tanneries are LWG accredited to a minimum of Bronze – This helps us track best practice in all our tanneries, ensuring that leather is produced in the right way, using the correct chemicals and that all water usage is documented as Environmentally well managed.

Our testing programme covers ‘Best in Class’ on a Global scale, including both REACH, Prop 65 – wherever in the world there is a maximum chemical allowance, we adopt that as our minimum standard. This gives us the assurance we are working with the most responsible testing programme, and that all our customers can be assured that we work hard to test for their safety in mind.

The most important theme in our entire Supply Chain are the People and the Environment. All our Supply Partners are signed into Anti bribery, Anti-Corruption, Anti bullying, Anti-discrimination (Religion, Gender, Colour, language), No Child Labour or Bonded labour. Without people, we can’t make the product we make. We have a shared responsibility to make absolutely sure that working conditions for each and every worker in our Supply Chain are safe, and to International standards.  Ensuring that they are well looked after, that they feel safe and secure in their working environment.

None of this can happen without us working on and for this glorious planet, and the environment is something we have worked passionately to improve at all stages of our Supply Chain. Our tanneries are LWG accredited. This assures us that water treatment and chemical usage is ‘Best in Class’ and does not cause damage to the environment, be that directly or indirectly. Our Audit programme supports this, as do our frequent visits to our supply Partners and their Supply Chain Partners. We’ve improved our packaging, so our Poly bags from SS2018 are all fully recyclable, minimising environmental impact locally and internationally. We’ve also reduced our packaging solutions and several stream projects are focused on further improvements.

As a brand, we’ve made a commitment to our Supply Chain to manage with an Ethical, Social and Environmental mindset. As much as we can, our decisions are informed by these three elements at every stage of our production process. We still have some way to go, but we are positive, energised and focused on making considered decisions to enhance how we work with every person involved in our Supply Chain. We are making considered choices with the Global Environment in mind – It’s our planet too and we want to protect it for future generations as much as you do.