What is a Passport Cover

A Passport Cover is a type of travel wallet but just for your passport, it acts as a book cover or protective shield. Whilst there are many different variations on the passport cover, the most common style features little corner covers that you can fit over your passport covers ensuring it stays secure. The most common Passport Covers are found in a range or different materials from plastic to leather or just a simple fabric exterior. Not only does the Passport Cover protect your passport but there are also patterned options which add a fun decorative element to the otherwise plain passport.

Passport Cover Pros

  • The biggest advantage to using a Passport Cover is the protective element it offers. When travelling it’s vital to have a passport that will be allowed by immigration otherwise your entire holiday could be ruined. Any sort of spillage or damage to your passport could risk it not being verified at immigration and a passport cover can help protect it from that happening.

  • The airport can quite often be a stressful time, especially when you need to quickly grab your passport and show the immigration officer and a passport cover and help do this. There are so many different patterns or material passport covers so you can get one unique to your passport that will allow it to stand out. There are also personalised passport covers.

  • A passport cover can help you stay organised as some also continue a slot for a credit card or some room for money or your boarding pass. Helping you to keep everything in an order which will mean you can get to it quickly.

  • There are also RFID Passport Covers which ensure your personal information which is stored on your credit card is kept safe and won’t get into the wrong people’s hands.

  • The Passport Cover is a perfect gift. It’s something that a lot of people admire and use all the time when they have one but never get around to actually purchasing one for themselves.

Passport Cover Cons

  • Occasionally your passport holder can actually hold up immigration and some officers remove the cover in order to check your passport.

  • In general, the passport cover is quite streamlined and doesn’t interfere with the size of your passport. However, when you start adding slots for your cash and essential credit cards it can bulk it out.

How to choose the best Passport Cover for you

The most important factor to consider is what you want your passport cover for. If the design and pattern is vital then this will differ from function. Whereas, if you are wanting a passport cover to help you stay organised make sure you find one with a boarding pass slot. Some passport covers forget about the boarding pass and as you often have to present them together, it’s vital to stay organised and keep the two together.

RFID Passport Cover- All you need to know

In recent years as people have understood more and more about data and technology this has also brought on a wave of blocking devices. People want to feel safe and as a result an RFID blocking passport cover will give that extra element of security and safety for your personal details.

Radley Passport Covers

Face to Face- Passport Cover

Travel in style with this passport cover from our Face to Face collection. Perfect for taking with you on trips abroad, this sleek accessory will become your new favourite. This design is complete with internal slip pockets to hold the essentials you can’t go on holiday without!

Winter Holidays- Passport Cover

Perfect for taking with you on trips abroad, this sleek accessory will become your new favourite. This design is complete with internal slip pockets to hold the essentials you can’t go on holiday without!

Important Passport Tips- How to take a good Passport Photo

What to do in your Passport Photo

  • Think about wearing a plain coloured shirt. Try a brighter colour as the background to your passport photo is plain white, having a brighter top will add that extra element ensuring you don’t look washed out.

  • Do think about wearing a smart shirt, although this isn’t a government requirement occasionally you do need to show your passport in a business sense. Sometimes when applying for a job they ask to photocopy your passport or when applying for a visa they will need a copy of your passport and having a presentable passport photo will only come across well to future employers. Along the same lines is, try and avoid wearing tank tops. Due to the unfortunate cropping dimensions quite often you could end up looking naked in your passport photo which is probably a situation many would rather avoid.

  • You aren’t allowed to edit any passport photos after but you are allowed a light natural make up look so consider wearing some make up to ensure you come out with a great passport photo and not one you want to hide.

What not to do in your Passport Photo

  • Make sure you remove anything that will distort your face, such as glassed. If you submit a photo to the government and you have your glasses on they will immediately reject it. The same goes for anything on your head, any hats or headband accessories need to be removed, the only thing is if you wear any religious headwear on a daily basis you are allowed to keep that on so long as your face is still clearly visible. However, along with an image you will have to submit a letter explaining why you have kept your religious headwear on.

  • You must think about your hair before your passport photo. Any hair that is covering your face will be immediately rejected so think about tying it up or braiding it to ensure this doesn’t happen.

  • Don’t smile, your passport photo needs to be as plain as possible so no poses will be allowed. Think smiling with the eyes because that will be all that you are allowed to do.

Passport Facts

  • The first passport reference was in the Bible- Book of Nehemiah, where an official asked for a letter of permission to travel through Judea.

  • However, the first passport used as a form of identification was created in the 15th century by King Henry V. King Henry V issued the passport to his subjects to prove their identity when they travelled outside of the UK. Still today the passport is issued by The Queen.

  • The most powerful passport is the German passport, they are allowed to travel to 176 of the possible 218 destinations. The UK’s passport is close behind being able to travel to 173 of the 218.

  • The least powerful passport is the Syrian passport which allows citizens to travel to less than 30 of the 218 possible destinations.

  • The Israeli government have banned their citizens from entering 16 countries. The list of countries that the Israeli passport is banned from includes Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

  • Norway’s passport has a hidden secret which is only available under ultraviolet light, when shining the light on the passport a image of the Northern Lights appears. The Canadian passport also shows a beautiful bright firework print under ultraviolet light.

  • In comparison to ultraviolet designs Finland’s passport acts as a flip book with a printed moose pattern on the corner.

  • When the passport was originally created you did not have to have a photo attached. However, once German Spy Carl Hans Lody entered Britain using a fake passport during the first world war, a law was released making it mandatory to have a form of photographic identification along with your passport.

  • Whilst nowadays you have to update your passport at certain stages in your life, once all these amendments were filled out by hand. If you grew or changed your hair colour someone would have to go into your passport and cross the previous line out and re write the information.

  • The passport is a mandatory requirement to everyone when travelling apart from the Queen who is the single member of the Royal Family and population that is allowed to travel abroad without a passport.

  • Whilst each country has a different passport, if you are the president or their immediate family or even a high ranking government official you will also get a unique passport which will be valid even after your term ends.

  • Whilst it’s relatively unheard of some countries sell passports to boost their population. Tonga once would offer citizenship and a passport for £20000. However, few countries such as Hong Kong would not consider it to be a valid form of identification.

  • Malta’s passport is the rarest passport out there.

  • Some places offer commemorative passport stamps that act similar to a souvenir. Machu Picchu and Easter Island, Chile are a few locations that offer them.