Laptop Bags in Fashion

Give your laptop a stylish new look with our designer Laptop Bags and cases that beautifully complement the rest of your Radley handbags and accessories. Not only will our leather laptop cases add a pop of personality to your laptop, but it can help keep your everyday tech safe from bumps and scratches. Our designer laptop cases will mean you can keep your laptop in your bag without worrying about it being damaged by your keys or other handbag essentials.

You’ll be able to travel to and from work in style with silhouettes from our Laptop Bags collection. Our zip-around laptop bags features beautiful linings for a fun finish and versatile colour ways that’ll make pairing with work ensembles simple. With plenty of space to keep essentials organised, this bag is finished with a cross body strap for a practical finish. Work it! Give the accessories you’ll use everyday a chic feel with contemporary designs and hands-free heroes that’ll make commuting to and from work a breeze.

What is a Laptop Bag

The most popular type of Laptop Bag is referred to as the laptop sleeve. The Laptop Sleeve is a pouch, often made of leather or nylon. The nylon or leather laptop sleeve It is designed to fit around your laptop to protect it from any dust or debris that may find its way onto the laptop, however, most importantly, they are there to protect your laptop from any knocks or bumps that may occur. Laptop sleeves are not always used just as bags, as many are designed to fit inside of a handbag, such as a tote bag or backpack, so that you are able to carry all of your other essentials to work with you in one bag.

Due to increases in technology, and commuters having to carry laptops and tablets to and from work with them, it is common for many work bags styles to contain a specific compartment to carry a laptop. For example, many backpacks, tote bags and crossbody bags will have a padded compartment which protects your laptop and also keeps it secure within your handbag.

Where did Laptop Bags Originate?

The first laptop was created in 1974, however at the time, they were much more of a luxury and not a not that in demand that there was a need to have laptop bags. Laptops first became popular in the 1980’s when they became much more affordable, however, it took many more years before they began to overtake desktop computers. Even though laptops were becoming more popular, there still wasn’t much demand for laptop bags.

Although there is no exact date as to when the first laptop bag was created, in 2008, Apple created the MacBook Air, which was the thinnest laptop to date, eliminating the problem people previously had where their laptop was too heavy and bulky to commute with. Due to the Air the laptop was now thin and light enough ensuring it was easy for people to carry around with them. Due to it being much easier to carry a laptop around, designers started to create padded bags designed to carry laptops. The laptop bag is practical, durable and efficient. It is used to hold your laptops and more, containing multiple compartments to separate and organise everything efficiently.

Global Laptop Bag Trends

When looking at search trends for Laptop Bags, it is evident that although searches have been continuously increasing over that past 15 years, it peaks every December, which could suggest that they are a popular Christmas present idea, and is always high in September, which makes sense as that is the most popular time for going back to work or back to school after Summer. However, the December increase could be more down to the fact that laptops are expensive and usually are given as gifts and as a result a partnering present would be the protective laptop bag.

There has been a significant increase in the popularity of Laptop Bag over the past five years. This may be because of advances in technology meaning that more and more people are needing to carry a laptop or tablet to and from work with them, and therefore need a bag which can cater that.

Carrying your items in a bag to work is not a new concept, however the term ‘work bag’ is a much more recent occurrence. This is because bags have become much more advanced which parallels the advances in technology. Work bags need to contain multiple compartments to hold a variety of different things, such as papers, technology and personal items.

It is very common now, for most working professionals to carry some sort of bag that is designed to hold a laptop. This is because many companies now allow you to work remotely meaning you can take your laptop and work anywhere. Therefore, it is always useful to have a laptop bag with you, in case you need to carry it somewhere, as it will make life much easier for you.

Radley Laptop Bags for Women

Christmas Quilt- Large Tech Pouch

This padded pouch is the most stylish tech sleeve you’ll ever seen. The quilted velvet exterior offers a luxurious element and the padded interior will ensure your tablets are kept scratch free.

Taylors Court- Medium Zip-Top Tote Bag

Taylors Court is the perfect work bag for all your needs. The spacious interior can easily fit your tablet or laptop and the external zip pocket means you can keep your belongings safe but also easily accessible.

Radley Laptop Bags for Men

Cannon Street- Medium Zip-Top Laptop Case

This leather laptop case is complete with interior pockets so you can fit not just your laptop but some papers and your phone. Staying organised is almost as important as choosing a laptop case which will protect your valuables and the Cannon Street leather laptop bag ticks all those boxes.

Cannon Street- Large Zip Around Mulitway Bag

A stylish functional laptop bag that features both internal and external compartments ensuring your valuables are easily accessible, safe and protected. The Cannon Street laptop case is water resistant to ensure maximum protection and it also comes with adjustable cross body straps and handle so it works with your needs.

Cannon Street- Medium Zip Around Backpack

More and more people are being converted by the laptop backpack, it’s not only better for you due to the even weight distribution but it enables you to go completely hands free. The leather laptop backpack features multiple external and internal pockets to ensure you can be as organised as possible. The internal sections are padded making sure your valuables are kept extra protected and scratch free.

Different Types of Laptop Bags

Laptop Specific Bag

This is a bag made specifically to hold a laptop, with a little bit of extra space to hold some papers or other small necessities. These bags usually come with two grab handles and a crossbody strap so that is easy to carry.

Laptop Sleeve

This type of bag usually comes without handles, detachable chain strap or detachable wrist strap. It is common for laptop sleeves to be a rectangular shape, however they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours now. Many men are opting to use a laptop sleeve inside their work bag, as it is large enough to fit a tablet, and all of their other essentials that they are unable to fit in their pockets. One of the great aspects of a laptop sleeve is that they are lean and lighter compared to other bags.


Similar to a shoulder bag, this type of bag comes in medium to large sizes with two straps and an open or zip top. Tote bags also come in the canvas style of everyday use. This type of bag is favoured by women because it looks more classic and trendier, and also having the two straps, it allows you to hang the bag off of one shoulder, looking more professional.


Quite simply, a backpack is a bag used to carry things on your back. Although handbags are generally considered to be a women’s accessory, backpacks are made equally as much for men as they are women. A laptop backpack usually has a padded compartment for keeping your laptop in the right position.

Crossbody Bag

Also known as a messenger bag. This type of bag usually has one long strap that crosses over the body, with the bag resting on the wearer’s waist. These were originally designed for students; however, they are now popular among working professionals. The crossbody style is great for people who want to carry their items and still be hands-free. A crossbody bag offers various compartment so that you can keep not only your laptop but also other accessories.


These hard-covered bags have excellent space inside. You can carry your everything, needed on a daily basis with it to your office. These usually have compartments and pockets to separate technology and papers. Some briefcases also come with a wheeled base, meaning that you don’t need to carry it, you can just pull it along with your hand. There is also no possibility of it falling down as it always on the ground, so your laptop is safer from physical damage.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Bag

How big is your Laptop?

When choosing a work bag, it is best to know the dimensions of your laptop when looking for a bag. That way you are able to check if the bag is big enough to hold your laptop, and also if there is a specific tech compartment, you can see if your laptop fits in that.

How heavy is your Laptop Bag?

The more you need to put in the larger it will need to be. If your bag it going to be heavy, it’s always better to go for a backpack which has a thicker strap on it. This is because the weight of it will be distributed more evenly across your shoulders and be a lot comfier for you.

How long will you be carrying your Laptop Bag?

Take what you will carry in the bag with you and try it on with everything inside. That way you can see how heavy the bag will be when you are wearing. You will also be able to work out if it is a comfortable fit on you, and if you think you will be able to wear it for long periods of time.

Will you just be carrying a laptop, or other items as well?

If it is just your laptop that you need to carry, then a laptop sleeve is the best option for you as it is sleek, simple and will protect your laptop from dust and damage. If you need to carry extra items with you, then it may be better to go for another style of bag which has a laptop compartment, as well as other compartments, so that you can keep your items organised.

Is your Laptop Bag likely to get wet?

If you’re going to have your bag outside, it would be better to go for one that is made of a waterproof or water-resistant material to protect both the exterior and interior from any possible water damage. This is especially important

Do you commute on public transport?

Having a bag that is secure is very important if you are going to be commuting on public transport. Bags with a zip-top rather than an open top will give more security. Some people feel safer wearing a bag across them or under their arm for extra security. However, if you prefer a backpack, there are measures you can take for extra security. For example, getting a bag with a zip and flapover on it, therefore having double security.

How to carry a Laptop Bag

The best way to carry your Laptop Bag, depends on the style of laptop bag that you have. For example, if your laptop bag is a sleeve, it is best to hold it from the underneath so that you have it secure. The other way that you can hold it is underneath your arm so that you can have your hands free. If you have a typical briefcase style laptop case with grab handles, then hold onto the handles with one hand to the side of your body.

If you have a tote bag as your laptop bag, then the best way to hold it is to put both straps over your shoulder and carry your tote bag under your arm. Having thicker straps on the bag would be better if the bag is heavier, as it helps to distribute the weight more evenly.

Using a backpack as a laptop bag is a popular choice. If you do choose to wear a backpack, then always wear both straps on your shoulders to prevent any pain to your back and shoulders and make sure you adjust the shoulder straps so that the backpack is high on your back. Also, your backpack should weigh less than 10% of your body weight, and you should never carry a backpack that weighs more that 20%.

Many laptop bags now have a crossbody strap to allow you to be hands-free whilst carrying the bag. If your laptop bag does have a crossbody strap then hook the long strap over your shoulder so that the bag sits comfortably in front of your waist and then adjust the strap so that the bag is the right length for you.

Fun Facts about Laptop Bags

There are two types of bags to hold your laptop, these are Laptop Bags and laptop sleeves. Both come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes; however, a laptop bag will give you the ability to carry many other items with you, compared to a laptop sleeve which is large enough to carry just your laptop.

Most work bags now contain a padded compartment specifically for a laptop or tablet. This is because most companies now require you to carry technology to and from work with you.

Leather is the most favoured material for a Laptop Bag because of its durability.

Laptop bag sales have increased dramatically in the past 10 years, due to a combination of technology improvements which makes carrying them easier and also due to the increase in work from home options.

Even if you don’t carry a laptop, a laptop bag is a great work bag because of the number of compartments it has, helps you organise your things.

What to put in your Laptop Bag?

Laptop Bags are designed with organisation and protection at the forefront. They often feature extra compartments that enable you to not only fit your laptop but also act as a one stop for all your necessities such as phone, pen, papers or diary. The laptop bag will feature a specific slot for your laptop that is usually extra padded, ensuring your laptop is easily accessible and remains scratch free.

Depending on how much you use your laptop during the day and also how well it holds its charge will depend on whether you feel it’s best to add your charger to your laptop bag.

Another additionally item that should be stored in your laptop bag is a pair of headphones. This enables you to stop and take a conference call or watch a tutorial at any point without disturbing those around you.

Due to the amount people have to use their laptop, it can easily get dirty quite quickly. So, it’s always a good idea to carry a small screen cleaner inside your laptop bag for when you need to give it a quick clean.