A Father's Day History

Due to the success of Mother’s Day, Father's Day was soon established in the 20th century. Fathers Day originated in the USA but is now widely celebrated in many different countries.

Whilst nowadays Fathers Day is a popular holiday it was originally met with a lot of pushback. Traditionally it was believed that men should be macho, hardcore and rarely show their emotions and so celebrating a day filled with love, kindness and support was deemed by some as ridiculous. However, Fathers Day was quickly adopted and became popular fast, within 30 years it had the Presidents support and become the commercialised holiday Mothers Day was becoming.

Whilst the exact Fathers Day Date differs country to country, in UK, USA and Canada Fathers Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Which differs from Mothers Day which is held on different day across countries.

Father’s Day is a specific day to celebrate and honour fathers and father figures. Typically, Fathers Day is a day where families come together and celebrate today, fathers day gifts are exchanged and fathers day cards are sent. Popular Fathers Day activities include family walks and a Sunday Roast.

How did Fathers Day Begin- Grace Clayton

Grace Golden Clayton is believed to be the founder of Father's Day. There was a mini explosion in Monongah, a town near where Grace Clayton was from. The explosion killed over 360 men, many of whom were fathers leaving behind children and wives. Clayton had lost a child herself and appealed to the local pastor Robert Webb who too had a lost child and they decided there should be a set day where Fathers are remembered.

Grace Clayton chose July 5th as it was near her late fathers birthday. However, Clayton’s fathers day never caught on. Never the less Fairmont (Clayton’s home town) still remembers Grace Clayton as the pioneer of Fathers Day citing on their city’s entrance sign “Welcome to Fairmont – the Friendly City – Home of the First Father’s Day Service, July 5th 1908”.

Even though Clayton was the first known person to try and mark a day for Fathers, in 1910 a lady called Sonora Smart Dodd publicly noted the need for a Fathers Day and as a result is widely known at the founder of Fathers Day.

How did Fathers Day Begin- Sonora Smart Dodd

Sonora Dodd lost her Mother when she was 16th and her and her five siblings were brought up by her Father. In church a Mothers Day Sermon was read and Dodd felt that Fathers too deserved recognition. Dodd approached her local pastor Rev. Dr Conrad Bluhm who immediately supported the idea. Together they approached several groups who agreed there was a need for a Fathers Day and their first micro Fathers Day was celebrated in 1910.

Even with the first celebration in 1910 it took years to get official global recognition. In 1913 Congress was presented with a Father’s Day bill which urged them to recognize the importance of Fathers Day but it would take until 1966 with President Lyndon B Johnson that the official Fathers Day was recognized.

Fathers Day Facts

  • Sonora Smart Dodd, the Fathers Day founder invented the day to honour her own Father who as a single parent raised six children. This Fathers Day was celebrated on the 19th June 1910.

  • Originally Father's Day was not well received.

  • President Calvin Coolidge publicly acknowledge the existence of Fathers Day but it wasn’t until 1966 and President Lyndon Johnson who declared Fathers Day be celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

  • Fathers Day Cards are so popular that it has become the fifth largest selling card holiday.

  • Germans celebrate a slightly different version of Fathers Day called Man Day or Männertag. Man Day traditions consist of men getting very drunk and eating too much food.

  • Traditional Fathers Day flowers are either white roses or red roses. Typically you would display a white rose if you are remembering a Father who has passed away and a red rose would be giving as a Fathers Day gift.

  • The most popular Fathers Day Gift is a Fathers Day tie and close behind is a pair of slippers.

  • Feodor Vassilyev from Moscow had the highest recorded number of children at 69. His first wife gave birthday to seven triplet sets, four quadruplet sets and sixteen pair of twins.

  • There are multiple Fathers names – Papa, Daddy, Dad, Father, Pop, Pa and Pappy. Whilst many countries celebrate Fathers Day on different days, Thailand in particular do Father’s Day differently. In Thailand the date of Father’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of their current King. Right now Father’s Day is celebrated on December 5th because King Khuminol Adulyadej Rama IX was born then.

Father's Day Traditions

The red and white rose tradition was set during Dodd’s time. During the Father’s Day service children would wear the colour that represented their father. White meaning their Dad was deceased and red if they were still around. Whilst this tradition has in general been forgotten about, when Father’s Day was first recognised it was a popular way at distinguishing your reason for marking the day.

Fathers Day gifts are a big deal and a great way to show Dads you care. Across schools, after school clubs and activities many will hold Father’s Day Card workshops. Personalised Fathers Day gifts are really popular with many engraving Top Dad or Worlds Best Dad onto many different objects such as Fathers Day Mugs, Fathers Day Ties or Fathers Day Hats. Amongst Fathers Day Gifts, experiences are high up, gifting your Dad with a helicopter ride or a go karting experience.

Another Fathers Day tradition just like on Mothers Day is to serve breakfast in bed and often families will come together and enjoy a home cooked Sunday roast.

Fathers Day Around the World


The Germans celebrate Mannertag, man day where men dress up and drink and eat all day.


Brazillians celebrate Fathers Day in August in memory of their own individual Fathers and also St Joachim, the Father of Mary. Families come together and present Fathers Day Gifts.


In Australia Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September and is said to have begun in the 1930s. Traditionally Australians cook a special Fathers Day meal and present special Fathers Day Gifts and send Fathers Day Cards.


Rather than a traditional Fathers Day, Russians celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day which is a February military celebration. On the Russia Fathers Day women are expected to honour all the men in their lives with special gifts and Russians in general are expected to honour the Armed Forces.


In Sweden Fathers Day is celebrated in November and families will present Fathers Day breakfast as well as special Fathers Day gifts.


In Nepal Fathers Day is marked by families spending quality time with their Fathers, offering them special foods and Fathers Day gifts as well as holding prays for those that have passed. During Fathers Day if your Dad has passed it is common in Nepal for you to visit holy places and pay tribute through rituals.


Italians honour both their own fathers and St. Joseph, Marys husband.


The French Fathers Day is called La Fete des Peres and is held on the third Sunday in June.

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