Which cookies do we use?

The table below explains what cookies we use on the Website, and the reasons why we use them:

Type of Cookie Cookie Name Description
Bing CT
Criteo OneTag - Basket Page
Criteo OneTag - Confirmation Page
Criteo OneTag - Homepage
Criteo OneTag - Listing Page
Criteo OneTag - Product Page
Criteo xDevice - US Basket
Criteo xDevice - US Confirmation
Criteo xDevice - US Home
Criteo xDevice - US Listing
Criteo xDevice - US Product
Doubleclick - Chalk Social
Doubleclick - Conversion
Doubleclick - Homepage
Doubleclick - Product
eBay Commerce Network ROI Tracker
Google Adwords Remarketing Tag - All Pages /w Custom Params
Google Analytics and Remarketing
Google Analytics and Remarketing - CT
Google Remarketing - All Pages
Google Remarketing Async CT
Linkshare UK and US
MentionMe Referee
MentionMe Referrer
Radley Form Tracking
Search Term Capture
Search Term override - CT
Shopzilla PerformanceTracker - CT
Spotlight - Conversion
Universal User - Custom Params
Universal User - Emal Data Collection
Ve Interactive - BT
Ve Interactive - CT
Wireframe Homepage Tracking