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Gender Pay Gap Report | Radley London


Radley London values the diversity of our colleagues and applicants who want to be part of our team. As a brand providing product to women of spirit, women are in the centre of our decision making and strategy. Our culture is built on supporting female groups, what they stand for and the day-to-day challenges women face in the workplace. We are proud that our team is 85% female and since the publication of our first report in 2017 this number has remained stable and there remains a majority of women in leaderships positions. The dominance of females within our senior leadership team supports decisions we make on how we treat, pay and give opportunities to our mostly female workforce. This Gender Pay Gap (GPG) report references pay for April 2020. During March 2020, the impact of the pandemic led us, like many businesses and fellow retailers to take the unimaginable decision to close our retail stores and service centres. At the snapshot date, 75% of our colleagues were on furlough, almost everyone in retail and 40% of our office-based teams. The guidelines do not allow for anyone on furlough at this date to be included in the data. This has meant that the GPG data that has been submitted is not a true reflection of the whole business. The Gender Pay Gap remains an important measure for us and our teams, but we realise it is not the only measure that defines how fairly we treat our female colleagues and behind every stat are individuals and circumstances that cannot be explained with a number. In particular, for this reporting year (2020) whilst we have continued to show the figures required, we have placed our efforts into some of our current commitments to ensure women are treated equally in the workplace, not only with pay but ensuring they continue to have a voice and place at the table. The measure that we continue to uphold, which falls outside this report is the commitment to equal pay, we pay both men and women the same for carrying out the same roles. Our hiring strategy supports this commitment. We know too well that women traditionally undervalue themselves when negotiating a salary. Therefore, we always provide candidates with the salary banding for the role first and never ask for salary expectations where it is not necessary to do so. The next report for 2021 should provide a more realistic overview of Radley London but again during this time we were still in a period of transition with many of our stores closed and colleagues on furlough whilst we recovered from the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. However, our obligations did not stop during this time and more details of our strategy will be discussed in our next report as we started to rebuild and recover from the pandemic.


data 101 colleagues Actual team 473 colleagues OUR GENDER PAY GAP RESULTS The Gender Pay Gap represents the average amount that men and women earn at Radley London. This data only represents 21% of our colleagues during April 2020. PAY GAPS (1) Our MEAN PAY GAP: 47.19% (2) Our MEDIAN PAY GAP: 44.0% (3) GENDER QUARTILES GENDER QUARTILES Male Female Lower Quartile 72% 28% Lower Middle Quartile 84% 16% Upper Middle Quartile 72% 28% Top Quartile 38% 62% This pay data represented just over 20% of the colleague base and the sample of data is heavily weighted towards men with over double the percentage of men (34%) represented in this data set as opposed to the actual full team (15%). This shift is large enough to have impacted the pay gap figures significantly in both mean and median averages of pay. BONUS GAPS (4) Our MEAN BONUS GAP: 33.92% (5) Our MEDIAN BONUS GAP: 64.85% (6) PERCENTAGE OF MEN AND WOMEN RECEIVING BONUS ∙ Men: 15% ∙ Women: 47% Bonus payments include both monetary payments and long-service voucher payments. During the 12 months prior to April 2020 we were able to pay out a bonus to 199 colleagues, 93% went to our retail teams, who represent a mostly female workforce. No bonus payments were made to our Senior Leadership Team.


The results of any annual Gender Pay Gap report continue to help shape and support our internal Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy. Since 2017 we have used the results of the GPG to understand how we can narrow the gender pay and bonus gaps across Radley London. Our bi-monthly marketing campaigns featuring Women of Spirit from diverse backgrounds, demonstrates the brands commitment to not only women but showcasing diverse women across the globe. We understand that the same commitment needs to be shown to our colleagues and are already working on ways to ensure we continue to do so. The next GPG report for April 2021 is a work in progress and will provide us the opportunity to analyse data that aligns more representatively to our current colleague base. Our commitment to women in the workplace continues and our culture is reliant on ensuring female equality at Radley London

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