What is bring your Dog to work day?

Bring your dog to work day was started as a way to fundraise for Dog Charities (in particular helping reduce the number of homeless dogs) but it also doubles as a great way to socialise your Dog with others in a different atmosphere. Plus leaving your dog at home is never nice so at least for one day your able to bring them with you. Bring your dog to work is next held on the 26th June 2020. The terminology differs but the day is often called with Bring Your Dog To Work Day or Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Bring your Dog to work day information

  • The first Bring Your Dog to Work Day was held in 1999 and was predominantly an American celebrated day in the early years.

  • Bring Your Dog To Work Day will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020.

  • Take Your Dog To Work Day has it’s own very popular social media channels.

  • Bring Your Dog To Work Day is featured heavily in the news thanks to big companies and celebrities such as Liam Hemsworth getting involved.

Why you should participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day?

  • Bring Your Dog To Work Day is great exposure for charities (such as Dog Trust) that are helping homeless pets or abused animals or even just promoting the adoption of animals.

  • Having a dog in the office is always going to boost workplace morale. It is reported that companies who allow employees to bring their dog to work are more loyal and have a high job satisfaction.

  • A big positive to Bring Your Dog To Work Day is no one likes leaving your dog at home all day and most of the breeds prefer being around people so at least for a day you get to keep your dog with you.

Things to think through before participating in Take Your Dog To Work Day

  • Whilst Bringing Your Dog To Work might seem like a dream come true you need to be aware that it is still a work day. Therefore, if your dog is so excitable, they just won’t be able to stop barking or even if they don’t like other people then perhaps it is best you don’t participate.

  • Another reason to be cautious about taking your dog to work is some people are allergic so it’s best to double check with co-workers to ensure it’s ok if you bring your dog to work.

  • It is critical that before bringing your dog to work you make sure that your office is pet friendly. For example if you work in construction around dangerous materials that bringing your dog probably isn’t a good idea.

  • Be mindful that even if you Dog is very chilled out they will still need to have regular bathroom, run around breaks so make sure you leave a few minutes every few hours to take them outside.

How to participate in Bring Your Dog To Work Day

  • In order to participate in the dog loving holiday you just need clearance from your company. Ensure you have permission from your boss and also have checked that co-workers are ok if dogs are brought into the office for a day.

  • If you have been granted permission then a good way to support Bring Your Dog To Work Day is to have a donation pot in which those that bring their pet in donate at their discretion. You could also promote the day by posting a photo of your cute dog to social media tagging the Take Your Dog To Work Day Instagram and even tag some dog charities such as Dogs Trust.

Best Dog Breeds to bring to Work

  • Yorkies: They are the perfect small size to sit under your desk and they are very happy just chilling and taking naps throughout the day whilst also being sociable to anyone who pays them attention.

  • Schnauzers: Schnauzers are very friendly and a great dog to train so even though they way bark a lot this can be easily trained out.

  • Australian Labradoodle: A breed that was originally bred to be a therapy dog is definitely office appropriate, it’s kind calm nature and ability to be trained makes them the perfect office dog. Another bonus is their non shedding coat.

  • English Bulldog: A great office pet thanks to their sluggish nature and friendly composition.

  • Pugs: Not only is the pug super cute everything about them screams office dog, from their small size, to their playful personalities and they prefer to spend their days napping, so you won’t be bothered during the working hours.

  • Great Dane: Yes they are one of the tallest dogs in the world but if your office has plenty of space then the Great Dane is a great office dog thanks to their gentle, friendly and quiet nature.

  • Greyhound / Whippets: Whilst they are the perfect race dog they absolutely love just chilling out and napping, you could leave them curled up and return hours later to find them in the exact same place. Also, the Greyhound barely sheds which is a bonus in the workplace.
Whilst some breeds might lend themselves to being an office dog more than others, it is the way they are trained that really sets them apart. No office wants a dog running rampant but if you are able to train your dog to be friendly and calm there’s no reason why any breed would be turned away.

Another thing to think about when getting a dog is why not adopt one, give a dog a loving home that maybe didn’t have the best start in their life. For more information on adoption Dogs Trust are experts in rehoming and rescuing dogs.

Best Dog Breeds to choose if you work full time and can’t bring your Dog To Work

Not all companies will allow you to bring your dog to work so if you really want a dog then consider certain breeds who will cope better being left alone for long periods of time.

  • Chow Chow: The Chow Chow is quite independent and reserved which are great qualities if you have to spend a lot of hours apart.

  • Bassett Hound: The Bassett Hound is a great dog for almost everyone, if you are allowed to bring your dog to work then the Bassett Hound will be perfect but also their low energy, relaxed nature means that if you have to leave them at home they’ll probably just have slept the whole time and won’t even notice you’re gone.

  • Shiba Inu: The Shiba Inu is a great dog for full time workers because they are extremely independent and whilst this often means they are less cuddly and affectionate it does mean they will be ok with being left alone for long periods.

  • Bullmastiff: A big bonus for the Bullmastif for full time workers is they were originally trained as guard dogs meaning your home will be well protected whilst you are at work. Also the bullmastiff will be happy being left alone during the working day, just remember to pay them lots of attention when you get home from work.

  • Chihuahua: The perfect city dog for full time workers, their small size and low energy means they are happy being inside an apartment all day. The one thing to consider is whilst the Chihuahua is happy being with their human for long stretches of the day, they would prefer to be left with a friend so it’s best to get two Chihuahuas so they can entertain each other.

  • Shar Pei: The Shar Pei is the full time worker, novice dog owners dream breed. They are well-suited to being left alone for long stretches of the day and also easily trained. Just make sure when you first get your Shar Pei you dedicate some long hours to training and showing them you’re the boss and then they’ll be the dream to leave.

  • Labradoodle: There’s a reason the labradoodle has become so popular in recent years, it’s got the loyal qualities from the Labrador retriever side and the intelligent poodle side. They’re very loving and would love to be brought with you everywhere but are very understanding if you need to go to work.

  • Irish Wolfhound: These beautiful shaggy dogs will completely understand if you have to go work for long hours, they’re perfectly happy just lounging around throughout the day. One thing to note is the size, the Irish Wolfhound is a large dog and therefore whilst they are happy being left alone, it’s probably best to not keep them in a small apartment.

  • Greyhound: Whilst greyhounds love a run around they are also inherently quite lazy and will be happy being left alone for long periods of the day. Just make sure you let them stretch their legs upon arriving back and you’ll both be perfectly happy.

  • Lhasa Apso: The perfect apartment living full time worker, the Lhasa Apso don’t mind being left alone for long stretches of the day and their small size.

How to care for your office Dog

Caring for you dog differs breed to breed but if you are planning on taking your Dog to work then we’ve created a general list to think of.

  • Water- Your dog needs a regular supply of water so make sure you have a dog water bowl with you.

  • Food- Depending on when your dog eats, how old they are you might need to bring dog food with you and therefore remember a dog bowl to put the food in.

  • Treats- Your dog will need to be quite well behaved for a long period of the day so it’s always a good idea to bring dog treats with you, just in case you need to bribe some good behaviour.

  • Open Space- Ensure you give your dog little and often outside breaks. This will prevent any office place accidents and also help to keep them calm if they are able to stretch their legs frequently.

Fun Dog Facts

  • Dog noses are similar to eye- A dogs nose has a special mucus which absorbs surrounding chemicals which allow they to understand what is around them.

  • The Beatles, A Day in the Life- Paul McCartney mentioned that in their popular song A Day in the Life there is a frequency at the end that only dogs can hear.

  • Bloodhound and their nose- The Bloodhound sense of smell is so acute that it can be used as evidence in court.

  • Tallest Dog- The tallest dog was a Great Dane which was over 44 inches tall.

  • Greyhound vs Cheetah- If you raced a Cheetah and a Greyhound over a longer distance the Greyhound would win. The Greyhound can race at 35miles per hour across 7 miles whereas the Cheetah slows down after 300 yards.

  • Black Dog Tongues- The Chow Chow and the Shar Pei are two of the only dogs that have black tongues.

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