Here at Radley, we’ve always believed in celebrating the originality, creativity and independence of women – which is why we’ve decided to launch Women of Spirit Wednesdays. Each week, here and on Instagram, we’ll be taking #WomanCrushWednesday into our own hands and talking about the women who have been inspiring us.

Brightening up our Instagram feeds and promoting positivity during these uncertain times, these are the Women of Spirit who have inspired us this week:

Working to bust health myths with the Instagram hashtag #MedicalMondays, Dr. Frankie Jackson-Spence has now turned her attention to the confusion surrounding Covid-19. As an NHS doctor, she is able to provide accurate information and clarify the advice that’s been given out by the government. Knowing the importance of clear guidance, Dr. Jackson-Spence has also been taking time to host Q+A sessions on her Instagram and answer everyone’s individual worries.

During times of uncertainty, it’s the stories of communities coming together that we need to hear the most. Promoting this kind of positivity, chef and food columnist Melissa Hemsley is sharing delicious, easy recipes, including some that can feed a whole street – encouraging those who are able to check in on their neighbours while delivering some tasty meals.

When staying indoors, it can be hard to step away from home comforts and find the motivation to workout, which is where Laura Hoggins comes in. Personal trainer, head of The Foundry gym brand and voice of the Biceps & Banter podcast, Laura has been hosting daily home workout sessions on Instagram Live. Beginning at 7am every day, these routines are motivating and energising – setting you up for a new day of productivity.

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep on top of your physical and mental health. Promoting the importance of emotional wellbeing, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Michelle Tolfrey has been encouraging others to speak about their concerns and anxieties by talking us through her own. Able to provide calming reassurance that no one is alone, especially during these testing times, Dr. Tolfrey’s Instagram is the source of strength and hope that we all need.

Where social media used to be filled with viral videos, it’s now been replaced with content that might cause worry and anxiety. Deciding to combat this with a stream of positivity, activist Gina Martin is sharing any joyful video, image or post that might bring a little more happiness to your feed – and beat the boredom.

You might remember Roxie Nafousi from our International Women’s Day campaign, where we told you all about her motivational workshops and work as an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation. In a time when it’s even more important to stay positive, Roxie is sharing self-care tips to help us stay upbeat, keep busy and make the most of extra time at home.

From NHS doctor to podcast creator to author, Dr. Hazel Wallace is an all-round superhero. She’s also the chef behind the delicious recipes featured on the TheFoodMedic Instagram, where she’s continuing to post mouth-watering dishes under the hashtag #LunchboxClub and sharing healthy diet tips – emphasising the importance of routine, while inspiring us to use this time to get creative in the kitchen.

For some, a workout isn’t just a way to stay healthy – it’s also a way to relieve stress and boost energy, positivity and confidence. As people begin to recreate their daily routines at home, personal trainer Alice Liveing has been sharing workouts that are easy to complete in the safety of your sitting room. With inspiration for everyone, Alice’s videos include easy-to-follow warm ups, stretches and even weight training, so everyone can continue to achieve their fitness goals.

Working from home may be a new challenge for most, but for some it’s just the norm. As a content creator and the voice of the #AtHomeWith podcast, Lily Pebbles is an expert at getting creative from the comfort of her home. She’s listed some top tips to help everyone stay productive in their new work settings, including making a dedicated working space and taking regular breaks.

We’d love to hear all about those who are inspiring you too – if you have someone who you think deserves to be shouted about, share them with our hashtag #WomenOfSpirit.

Check back here next Wednesday, when we’ll be celebrating more inspiring Women of Spirit.