Here at Radley, we’ve always believed in celebrating the originality, creativity and independence of women – which is why we’ve decided to launch Women of Spirit Wednesdays. Each week, here and on Instagram, we’ll be taking #WomanCrushWednesday into our own hands and talking about the women who have been inspiring us.

Brightening up our Instagram feeds and promoting positivity during these uncertain times, these are the Women of Spirit who have inspired us this week:

Author, speaker, blogger and podcaster, Emma Gannon, believes there’s power to having many strings to your bow – so much so that she wrote a book about how to harness it: Sunday Times bestseller The Multi-Hyphen Method. For an insight into people who’ve made a career out of their interests or hobbies, check out her podcast Ctrl, Alt, Delete – past guests include Ellen Page and Greta Gerwig.

Too focused on aesthetic goals and punishing routines when it come to fitness? The Vertue Method, developed by Sydney-based yoga-teacher, personal trainer and ex gymnast Shona Vertue, encourages you to play, have fun and acquire new skills by combining weighted resistance training and cardio with yoga and meditation. Well if it’s good enough for David Beckham…

As much as we enjoy a greasy pizza in the moment, we know that long term we’re happier when we’ve eaten healthier. There’s also evidence that gut health can help influence the severity of illnesses. From myth busting advice to tasty, nutritious recipes, Author of Eat Yourself Healthy, Dr Megan Rossi, A.K.A. The Gut Health Doctor, provides easy to understand information in order to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.

Has your body changed during lockdown? Reminding us there is nothing bad or shameful in this is Harley Street therapist and coach, Laura Phelan. In her own words ‘Happy body = feeling happy, content and free in the body that you have. Thinking about it less, respecting and looking after it more and living your life without negative body image thoughts getting in the way’.

Looking to enjoy a happy and healthy life doing the things she loves, whilst trying to help others make positive changes to their lives too, Cat Meffan is an ex-gymnast, dancer and now yoga teacher on a mission. Check out her page for yoga classes for all abilities, workshops and future retreats, because we can all dream of a time when we can join her in person.

With seemingly endless to-do lists and the guilt you feel for not being ‘perfect’, modern motherhood can be crazy. Here to help you be kinder to yourself and find freedom from perfectionism is Zoe Blaskey. Tune in to The Motherkind Podcast, or check out her online courses, coaching and blog.

Budding creative entrepreneur? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Specialising in shifting mindsets and empowering entrepreneurs to achieve the results they want; Sam Burgess will help you find focus and direction that leads to success in your chosen field. In her words, ‘just like an acorn, the mighty oak is within’.

Who better to turn to for recipe inspiration than 2017 Masterchef winner Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed? Balancing life as a mother, wife and NHS junior doctor specialising in Gastroenterology, Saliha somehow still finds the time to bring us delicious, healthy recipes, often inspired by her Pakistani Kashmiri heritage. Next on our list? Butter chicken wraps.

Encouraging you to #WasteSomeTimeOffline, Zabby Allen brings us The Procrastination Paper – a monthly mini mag that helps us step away from our screens. Believing procrastination can be positive to help open up a new perspective and lead to something new, Zabby packs 28 pages full of interviews, articles, games, activities and more. With a new theme every month, subscribe by 31st May to receive their Home issue.

Starting, running or being a big part of a business can be overwhelming, especially when facing new challenges as many currently are. This is something Anna Dunleavy knows all too well having set up her own wedding photography business in 2014. As a certified NLP coach, Anna works with female entrepreneurs who run, or aspire to run, creative businesses, helping them to navigate through self-limited beliefs.

Tough times require a little extra self-care. For support and encouragement, this week we’re turning to Suzy Reading. As a coach, author, psychologist, speaker and yogi, Suzy provides fresh ways of soothing yourself and your loved ones during times of greater anxiety. Often with gorgeous illustrations, her posts act as a welcome daily reminder to check in with ourselves and cultivate kindness all around us.

Mum and GP Dr Divya Sharma advocates delicious, nutritious recipes that require minimal ingredients – perfect for busy family life and when topping up the shop isn’t quite so easy. From three ingredient sweet potato gnocchi, to six ingredient peanut butter swirl brownies, you’ll find a hassle-free way to change up your weekly menu.

Are you experiencing joy every single day? Sophie Cliff, a.k.a The Joyful Coach, offers 121 coaching, group sessions, a blog and podcast – so whatever joy looks like to you, Sophie will help you find it. With life currently on hold for many, her help in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, not just the big holidays or events, means we get to enjoy every minute of life.

Most of us are guilty of self-sabotage at times – whether in our career or personal life. On a mission to inspire self-belief and help us own our excellence is Mindset Coach and Motivational Speaker, Africa Brooke. With a holistic yet straight-talking approach, her words of wisdom will build you up and bring about a new bold you, ready to face the world with confidence post lockdown.

An advocate for cooking as a source of relaxation, consultant and mum of three Dr Anjali Amin brings us the recipes her whole family are enjoying. From nutritious dinners to her favourite bakes, she believes in moderation and sticking to routine, even when our lives have been turned upside down.

With a mission to bring the incredible benefits of yoga to as many people as possible, Hannah Barrett shares the tools that can help us thrive and feel strong in everyday life – especially during pregnancies. By highlighting the support yoga gave her throughout motherhood, she hopes to help women embrace the same benefits in their own life. Check out her page for regular workouts focusing on key areas and techniques.

Dedicated to ‘people who happen to be parents’, Anna Whitehouse (a.k.a. Mother Pukka) is a journalist, editor and, most importantly, mother who is on a mission to find and share pukka things for her family. From practical advice that debunks the ‘myths’ of parenting, to some much-needed reassurance that you are doing just fine, Anna is the hype-man every mum needs.

A regular reassuring face on This Morning, Dr Zoe Williams is an NHS GP, health educator and ex Gladiator (yep!) who earlier in the month came out of self-isolation after battling Covid-19 symptoms. An advocate of daily exercise and taking the opportunity to get outdoors, within the rules of lockdown, Dr Williams gives us the facts behind daily health headlines.

Another amazing NHS doctor, Dr Chintal Patel brings us a guide to everyday eating made quick, easy and nutritious for all. By getting the whole family involved in cooking and by advocating a balanced diet, Dr Patel hopes to encourage children to grow up with a healthy attitude towards food. No more preparing separate meals for the kids!

It’s important to continue to find reasons to smile during lockdown. With a love of all things joyous, Katy English brings us endless #LittleHappyHighlights. Check out her photo editing skills for a whimsical look at life and a welcome escape – often to a magical world that any Harry Potter fan will love.

Having one of those days? For instant cheer visit Emily Coxhead, her feed is pure joy and sunshine. As a designer, illustrator and founder of The Happy News – a quarterly paper that celebrates all that’s good in the world – it’s not wonder people are turning to her now, for a break from our usual daily updates. Bonus: you also get to see the progress of her house renovation!

Caring for our physical and mental health is always at the top of our agenda, now more than ever. Helping us to navigate through the whirlwind of emotions many of us are feeling is Dr Sarah Vohra, a.k.a. The Mind Medic. Consultant psychiatrist, bestselling author and inventor of the 5-sense method, a tried and tested technique to help improve your mental wellbeing and generally feel calmer and happier, Dr Vohra serves a gentle reminder to take every day as it comes.

In the wise words of coach, speaker and body-positive guru Victoria Niamh Spence, ‘your body is your home, and this the only one that you’ll ever have – so whether you’ve worked out this morning, or sat on your couch enjoying a cuppa, take a deep breath with me and share a moment of gratitude for everything your body has done and still does for you’. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Have you found yourself dancing around the living room during lockdown? We know it’s not just us! With an infectious energy that’s sure to get us up and out of our seat, Strictly pro Karen Hauer encourages us to turn the music up and have fun while keeping fit with her new Hauer Power plan – a unique blend of easy-to-follow dance steps, body weight resistance training, Pilates and yoga. We’ll be lowering our inhibitions (and closing the curtains) to give it a go!

We’re constantly bombarded with information and advice, not all of which is reliable. In times of such uncertainty, it’s important to have people we can trust to give us the right guidance. As an NHS doctor specialising in neurology, Dr Faye Begeti is a steady hand and inspiration, who’s easy-to-understand graphics break down the myths and clearly display the facts.

Anti-diet, weight-inclusive personal trainer Tally Rye focuses on the mental and physical benefits of exercise. In her book Train Happy, she discusses the concept of intuitive fitness and how we can step away from diet culture and workout from a place of self-care rather than self-punishment. So if you’re looking to change up the way you keep fit and, more importantly, happy, we think this is a great place to start.

Hands up who’s spent time decluttering recently? If you’re yet to join in, or still have rooms to tackle, step into the home of interior and event stylist Hannah Bullivant for inspiration (virtually, of course). You can catch up on The Fresh Nest Challenge – a free 7-day challenge to freshen, declutter and style your home. It’s sure to make for an environment you’re happy to stay at home in.

Food that is healthy, delicious and a little bit indulgent is at the top of many of our recipe wish lists. With advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with food, especially during times of such upheaval, London-based non-diet nutritionist Sophie Bertrand gives us a realistic, easy-to-maintain and colourful approach to nutrition.

If you’re anything like us, you’re spending lots of spare time getting creative in the kitchen. Admittedly cakes have been our main comfort, but as we settle into a routine, we’re looking for more nutritious recipes that’ll help maintain our wellbeing. Step in Emma Hanton. A recipe developer and registered nutritionist, Emma is our new go-to for simple recipes that are also full of goodness. Her food photography skills and adorable puppy Ruby are worth a follow alone.

Feeling fearful in a time of great uncertainty is inevitable for many but stepping away and finding the positives in the moment can be a great help. Chloe Brotheridge, hypnotherapist, coach and author of The Anxiety Solution, provides expert tips and meditations that help fill you with calmness and confidence, leaving you feeling stronger and steadier in the moment. And breathe…

Our shared situation has resulted in a slower pace of life for many. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or hone an existing one – and yoga will benefit both mind and body. Giving us an opportunity to grow together within a community of fellow yogis, founder of The Practice, Annie Clarke, aims to empower you through the practice of yoga. With free sessions and great value courses available, it really is accessible for all.

Everyday at 2pm, author and branding agency founder Emma Scott-Child is hosting the Ladyland Art Club – for parents who are stuck at home with kids. Activities include crafts, graphic design and active art, so there really is something for everyone (including adults!). Check out her highlights to see past sessions. Our favourite? Leaf puppets!

There is no doubt these are stressful times and dealing with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety can be challenging for many, especially if it’s for the first time. By viewing stress not as a sign of weakness, but a reality we will all endure at some point, mental health therapist, educator and author Dr Shainna Ali believes you can put energy into reflecting on how your strengths can be used and what you can learn in the process.

It’s easy to fall into bad habits while staying safe at home, and even easier to find comfort in the couch. Personal trainer, blogger and co-host of BBC podcast ‘Fit & Fearless’ Zanna Van Dijk provides evidence-based information related to health, fitness and wellbeing. An advocate for fitness as an escape and ritual for resilience, Zanna’s workouts are easy to follow and fit into your daily routine, turning any living room floor into a gym.

The perfect opportunity to spring clean and find those hidden fashion gems in the back of your wardrobe, Erica Davies, ex-Fashion Editor and writer, shares styling ideas for classic pieces we all own, starting with the Breton stripe top. With working from home also comes video calls, and Erica advocates ‘eye-level only fashion’ – business at the top, comfort at the bottom. Looking presentable while wearing pyjama bottoms? Yes please.

If anyone knows the power of a good book, it’s author Laura Jane Williams. Sharing the reads that are helping to keep her entertained and inspired, as well as insights into her life and work – we love seeing the foreign language covers of her own bestselling novels – Laura’s wonderfully self-deprecating humour offers some light relief and sure brings a smile to our faces.

When there’s so much going on, you might just want to forget all about it and wait for it to go away. But distracting yourself from what is worrying you isn’t always the best option. Encouraging you to talk about your worries, while also offering tips on managing anxiety during this uncertain time, mental health advocate Jo Love is focusing on promoting positivity and sharing ideas to boost your mood and mental health.

When popping out to the shop isn’t such an easy option, eating healthily and to a budget can feel like an even bigger challenge. Nutritionist, host of the Food For Through podcast and author of Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well, Rhiannon Lambert is using her expertise to help and inspire. Not only posting healthy and delicious recipes, Rhiannon is also sharing tips on how to eat well while on lockdown.

As the world’s first comparison coach and the author of The Comparison Cure, Lucy Sheridan helps people to build self-confidence and stop comparing themselves to others. Now, during an uncertain time where positivity and support are what’s most important, Lucy is using her coaching experience to provide us with a thoughtful dialogue that centres on different aspects of isolation and social distancing.

Bringing captivating colour and constant happiness to our Instagram feeds, stylist and art director Zeena Shah is using her originality and creativity to inspire others. Using the hashtag #ColourMeUpMonday, Zeena is encouraging others to share the most colourful parts of their day, to brighten up social media and promote positivity.

Working to bust health myths with the Instagram hashtag #MedicalMondays, Dr. Frankie Jackson-Spence has now turned her attention to the confusion surrounding Covid-19. As an NHS doctor, she is able to provide accurate information and clarify the advice that’s been given out by the government. Knowing the importance of clear guidance, Dr. Jackson-Spence has also been taking time to host Q+A sessions on her Instagram and answer everyone’s individual worries.

During times of uncertainty, it’s the stories of communities coming together that we need to hear the most. Promoting this kind of positivity, chef and food columnist Melissa Hemsley is sharing delicious, easy recipes, including some that can feed a whole street – encouraging those who are able to check in on their neighbours while delivering some tasty meals.

When staying indoors, it can be hard to step away from home comforts and find the motivation to workout, which is where Laura Hoggins comes in. Personal trainer, head of The Foundry gym brand and voice of the Biceps & Banter podcast, Laura has been hosting daily home workout sessions on Instagram Live. Beginning at 7am every day, these routines are motivating and energising – setting you up for a new day of productivity.

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep on top of your physical and mental health. Promoting the importance of emotional wellbeing, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Michelle Tolfrey has been encouraging others to speak about their concerns and anxieties by talking us through her own. Able to provide calming reassurance that no one is alone, especially during these testing times, Dr. Tolfrey’s Instagram is the source of strength and hope that we all need.

Where social media used to be filled with viral videos, it’s now been replaced with content that might cause worry and anxiety. Deciding to combat this with a stream of positivity, activist Gina Martin is sharing any joyful video, image or post that might bring a little more happiness to your feed – and beat the boredom.

You might remember Roxie Nafousi from our International Women’s Day campaign, where we told you all about her motivational workshops and work as an ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation. In a time when it’s even more important to stay positive, Roxie is sharing self-care tips to help us stay upbeat, keep busy and make the most of extra time at home.

From NHS doctor to podcast creator to author, Dr. Hazel Wallace is an all-round superhero. She’s also the chef behind the delicious recipes featured on the TheFoodMedic Instagram, where she’s continuing to post mouth-watering dishes under the hashtag #LunchboxClub and sharing healthy diet tips – emphasising the importance of routine, while inspiring us to use this time to get creative in the kitchen.

For some, a workout isn’t just a way to stay healthy – it’s also a way to relieve stress and boost energy, positivity and confidence. As people begin to recreate their daily routines at home, personal trainer Alice Liveing has been sharing workouts that are easy to complete in the safety of your sitting room. With inspiration for everyone, Alice’s videos include easy-to-follow warm ups, stretches and even weight training, so everyone can continue to achieve their fitness goals.

Working from home may be a new challenge for most, but for some it’s just the norm. As a content creator and the voice of the #AtHomeWith podcast, Lily Pebbles is an expert at getting creative from the comfort of her home. She’s listed some top tips to help everyone stay productive in their new work settings, including making a dedicated working space and taking regular breaks.

We’d love to hear all about those who are inspiring you too – if you have someone who you think deserves to be shouted about, share them with our hashtag #WomenOfSpirit.

Check back here next Wednesday, when we’ll be celebrating more inspiring Women of Spirit.