We’re committed to being the best we can be and we’re working hard to make that happen. Transparency is key on our journey. As a global fashion brand we know we have a responsibility to make positive changes in our business and encourage change elsewhere. Ethically, environmentally and socially.

This affects how we design, source, manufacture and sell our products. And here’s how.

All of our tanneries are Leather Working Group accredited to a minimum of Bronze (in fact, 90% are currently at Gold). This helps us ensure leather is produced ethically and in the right way. Using the correct dyes and process, and managing water usage.

We have worked passionately to improve our environmental practices at all stages of our supply chain. The ‘Best in Class’ standard set for our LWG accredited leather tanneries assures us that water treatment and chemical usages doesn’t cause damage to the environment. That’s either directly or indirectly.

Our Radley Responsible range kick started our passion to bring you sustainable non-leather alternatives (recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, no less). We’ve paired this with water-based PU, which produces 60% less emissions than oil-based PU and is far cleaner for the environment. See the latest summer styles from Radley Responsible in our blog post.

We only have one planet after all. Which is why our chemical use is strictly limited. Our testing programme is ‘Best in Class’– wherever in the world there is a maximum chemical allowance, we adopt that as our minimum standard.

We regularly visit our suppliers in India and beyond. Some of these passionate people, including expert artisan makers, have been part of the Radley London family for over 35 years.

We achieve this by working closely together. All of our Partner Suppliers agree to high standards and are audited yearly. Should any be found to need support, we quickly work together to put a plan in place to help. From retraining their team. To helping to enhance their facilities. To improving specific processes.

However, we don’t stop there. We’ve also built relationships with the suppliers of our suppliers and audit them too. We help and support the full supply chain.

Without our people, we can’t do what we do. Which is why we ensure our supply partners are committed too. They’re all signed up to Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Child or Bonded Labour promises. We have a shared responsibility to make absolutely sure that everyone in our supply chain are well looked after, and that they feel safe and secure in their working environment.

The final step in getting our artisan-crafted handbags to you is the packaging we use. From boxes to envelopes, recycled content and earth-kind materials are used where possible. We’re proud to say that we’re currently using 65% recycled packaging and we’re working hard to increase this further.

Rest assured, we will not stop. We know we still have work to do. But we are positive, passionate and focused on making real change across our business and supply chain.