With their friendly faces, loving natures and enduringly loyal personalities, it’s no wonder there’s a dedicated day for celebrating dogs. Falling annually on the 26th of August, International Dog Day is designed to raise awareness of the dogs that need adopting, while also honouring the family dogs we adore, and the working dogs on whom many rely.

To mark this special occasion, we’ve teamed up with our charity partner Dogs Trust to share a selection of super-lovable dogs waiting for adoption. These adorable pups are currently being taken good care of in Dogs Trust rehoming centres and foster homes across the country, but they’re still waiting to find their forever homes.

We’re also giving you the chance to win a one-of a-kind Radley London handbag featuring a paw-trait of your pooch, illustrated by California-based artist Alexzandra Marie. Scroll to the end to enter.

Best buddies Lacy and Bruno are looking for a comfortable home where they can retire together, enjoy nice walks and receive lots of attention. A lovely little lady, Lacy can be lively while her buddy Bruno is a sweet and snuggly chap. This pair craves nothing more than love so they are best suited to a home without other dogs where they can be the centre of attention!

The lovely and friendly Fozzy craves company, enjoys a gentle fuss and is greatly comforted by having people around, so he’s looking for a home where he will very rarely be left on his own. The biggest fan of tennis balls and games of fetch, Fozzy needs lots of exercise and as he can get frustrated around other dogs, he also needs a quiet and rural home where there aren’t too many canine neighbours.

The lovely Bentley is full of beans so he’s looking for a home where he can spend lots of his day outdoors, enjoying adventures and exploring using his nose. While five-year-old Bentley might be a little stressed about his new home at first, when he gets comfortable, he’ll show you that he’s a friendly and fun-loving boy. Bentley can live with another dog and may even be suitable for a home with a confident cat.

Like a true sighthound, Joey loves to zoom around before spending the rest of the day reclining, which is why a comfy sofa and a large, private garden are a must for his new home! He loves tennis balls and enjoys long walks in places he won’t meet too many new strangers. Although Joey does enjoy meeting other dogs, he is looking for a home where he is the only canine. How can you resist that smiling face?

Charlie is a lovely boy who is housetrained, walks well on the lead, is good in the car and can even be left alone for a few hours. He enjoys his independence and his own space, especially when resting, so will need a quiet home without children and a place where he can spend time without being disturbed. A big fan of food and treats (he even loves a bit of carrot or broccoli) Charlie is looking for owners who can help him build his confidence around new people and other dogs.

Young Tilly still has lots to learn – she’s quite new in the world and still needs some training, so she’s looking for owners that will continue to work with her on learning new commands and building up her ability to be left on her own for short periods of time. She’s super sweet and so enthusiastic that sometimes she forgets how big she is when meeting new people. This loveable puppy would benefit from having another dog in the home, who can teach her all she needs to know.

Inquisitive and playful, the gorgeous Sadie loves exploring with her nose, keeping busy with enriching activities and playing games with her squeaky toys. She can find it quite scary when meeting new people, but as she begins to get to know you, three-year-old Sadie will become more comfortable. She needs a quiet home with experienced adult owners, somewhere without too many visitors, and will need to be walked in quiet locations.

Cheery Max is a lovely boy with typical Beagle traits. He has lots of energy, loves being around people and enjoys being outside, so he’ll need a home where he isn’t left alone too often and somewhere with a secure garden where he can practice his training. He loves his walks and especially likes saying hello to other dogs, but he can be very strong on his lead and reactive if he doesn’t get to share his greetings. For this reason, experienced owners are preferable.

In celebration of International Dog Day, we’re launching a special competition where you can win a Radley London handbag AND a portrait of your pup all rolled into one.

The lucky winner will receive a unique painting of their pooch, illustrated by California-based artist Alexzandra Marie, directly onto one of our leather Selby Street bags. That’s a truly one-of-a-kind accessory!

Take a look at the incredible portrait that Alexzandra painted of our very own Scottie dog.