Goodwood Revival – a festival celebrating the glory days of vintage car racing – took place last week at Goodwood circuit in Chichester. Just like Radley, the iconic three-day event celebrates the best of British craftmanship, combined with a unique sense of style and attention to detail.
Taking a magical step back in time, Goodwood Revival’s nostalgic theme invites a chic crowd from around the world to marvel at the hordes of impressive automobiles from the early 1900s – 1960s, mingle and follow a dress code of ‘old world decadence’ reflective of that golden era.
As bold shades and prints were a focal point, we gathered some valuable style cues on how to colour-code your accessories from our favourite style influencers who joined us for the event. Regardless of whether you’re off to an exclusive racecourse or just a normal workday, discover our Autumn/Winter’19 collection designed for the modern woman who lives life on her own terms with an ambition to stand out from the crowd.

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Work on your tan

For the bright-colour sceptic who still wishes to change it up from a sombre colour palette; try tan. Less harsh than black, and certainly more pared-back than flamingo pink, tan checks all the boxes for timeless elegance from office to dinner.

Enter the grey zone

Black isn’t the only colour ‘that goes with everything’. A white or grey statement bag works wonders and will always inject a sense of youth and minimalism to your silhouette.

Raise a red flag

From your corporate jacket to a little black dress, a red accessory adds that dash of colour and warmth to a muted look. If you’re still hanging on to your black daytime darling, we’ve got a solution: go halfway and try burgundy!

Exotic vibes

Looking to the animal kingdom for style inspiration is something designers have done for centuries. A faux snakeskin bag will add a daring element and elevate your outfit for a luxe finishing touch.