Have you heard the exciting news? We’ve launched our very own dog accessories collection. In celebration, we asked the always-stylish Emily Valentine – digital creator and dog-lover – and her gorgeous pup Juno, to try out the new collection. And of course we had to see how Emily would style some of our latest bags too.

“Juno is an absolute sweetheart and everyone who meets her falls madly in love. But, unless you’re spending a lot of time with her you won’t see her sassy side that comes out now and again. She knows what she wants and how to get it from anyone. That includes food, treats, snuggles, walks, wardrobe updates and all the attention and devotion.

“Juno is 18 months old and a Pugalier, which is a pug crossed with a King Charles Cavalier. She has the best bits of both these dogs, the calm and sweet nature of the cavalier and the mischievousness of the Pug. Fun fact: she can jump onto pretty much any surface!”

“Juno loved her new retractable lead with doggy prints the most, because there was a matching bandana. Juno doesn’t like it when her accessories don’t match. Big no no.”

“I love that Radley London have developed this collection of luxury dog accessories, because dogs are such a huge part of their heritage. It’s also really hard to find chic accessories out there. My favourite is the red dotty bandana because it makes Juno look like a cool sidekick from a ‘90s adventure movie.”

“Epping Forest is right near where we live and it’s the closest and largest expanse of nature to us. We take Juno up there once a month and she goes mad for it. You can tell how much she’s enjoying herself because she’s non-stop and always needs a bath afterwards. She was afraid of water for ages but had her first swim at the Hollow Ponds and now goes in chasing sticks every time. It’s so joyful!”

“I take Juno to brunch spots when I can. It’s great to see how many dog-friendly hotels and cafés are in the city these days too.”

“For me this season is all about chic and comfort combined. Now we’re out of lockdown I’m keen to have a more fashionable winter, but still not ready to relinquish the cosiness. I’m focusing on shearling and good quality wool in my outfits and this translates into one of my favourite Radley London bags. The mini Chelsea Creek Shearling, which has a cosy front on a box classic shaped bag. It’s the perfect size and the cross body strap means it’s perfect for causal looks and hands-free days.”

“One trend from last year I’m continuing is volume. I love voluminous, quilted-style coats and jackets in winter, and Hyde Road has a beautiful modular quilted design that is luxurious. I want it in all three colours. I think it will be my most-used bag of the season. I’ll style this bag with work looks mostly. Think soft tailoring, light knits and a blazer thrown over the top. This is a power bag and oozes style and sophistication so it will come to many meetings with me.”

“Small and structured bags are a ‘90s trend that shows no sign of stopping. My Summerstown bag is the perfect everyday style that can be dressed up or down. I’m wearing it with jeans and a cropped plaid jacket. I opted for orange as the colour feels so autumnal and breaks me out of the habit of always going for black bags.”

“When choosing a versatile bag for a busy lifestyle, I always recommend you look for one that can be carried both hands-free and hand-held. I often switch between how I wear my bag. Depending on how busy the day gets, and how many things I pick up along the way. If I have an evening event I like to be able to unclip the long strap and use it as a clutch for a more elegant look. Good quality craftsmanship is important if you want to get a lot of use out of your bag. Choose a timeless style in a colour you will always love.”

“I’ve always known Radley London as a timeless British brand. The styles are lovingly made by artisans and this is visibly reflected in the quality. I’ve enjoyed seeing the brand evolve over the years and this collection is the one I have been most in love with to date. I also love that they have a dog accessory range now because I’m obsessed with my dog Juno and she only gets the absolute best!”

Thanks Emily and Juno, you both look stunning with your Radley London accessories. If you’re feeling inspired, take a closer look at our newest handbag styles here. And all of our Scottie mascot-approved accessories for dogs too.

Images shot by @sarahellen_photography