This year, the Radley design team decided to honour the age-old festival by creating a Limited Edition line of bags fit for the occasion.


The Festival – Explained

Known mostly as being the Hindu festival of lights (the term comes from the ancient Sanskrit word deepavali, meaning ‘rows of lighted lamps’), Diwali celebrations are in fact shared further and wider than one religion alone. From Sikhs and Hindus to Buddhists and Jains, Diwali traditions are upheld to acknowledge the triumph of good over evil, light reigning over darkness, purity over corruption.

Spanning five consecutive days, the Diwali date tends to shift, falling some time in October or November – it’s all determined by the moon’s position. The 2019 Diwali date is on the horizon however, with this year’s Indian festival of lights beginning on 27th October.

Join in on wishing the world a happy Deepavali, by lighting your own ‘diyas’ (aka a little oil lantern), believed to show the Hindu goddess of wealth, the way to your home so that she can shower those within it with prosperity for the new year ahead. Or, attend some of the many festivities taking place across the country – Leicester is heralded as having the largest Diwali celebration after India, and Diwali celebrations in London, notably Trafalgar Square, attracts tens of thousands of people with puppet dancing, firework displays and feasting for all to experience.


Unveiling our Diwali designs

Street parties and lantern light aren’t the only ways to say, ‘let’s celebrate Diwali’ though. This year, the Radley design team decided to honour the age-old festival by creating a Limited Edition line of bags fit for the occasion.

With two brand-new bag designs – the clutch handbag and cross-body bag – each has been meticulously adorned with appliqué details, a light-reflecting and lustrous golden trim, as well as the majestic Indian elephant as the key motif.


Hear from the design team

We asked Sally, one of our in-house designers behind the limited edition pieces, what she feels make the Diwali edit so special:


“These new designs embrace the spirit of celebration. Occasions like Diwali deserve extra special attention to detail and so you’ll find a mixture of inlay appliqué, hand-illustrated panels that were then screen-printed and appliqué sequins. We drew upon not just one Indian textile printing tradition, but two, with a lining based on a block-printed fabric we found while travelling through India on a design trip.

“The defining feature has to be the iconic elephant, which in many Indian faiths is a symbol for good luck, protection and fortune. It’s very common for them to decorated and worshipped in the Diwali parades, and so our limited edition bags also pay homage to this aspect of the mesmerising festival.”


Wear it with

Because the Diwali edit bags have a neutral backdrop, they’ll work with just about any outfit. To really make the sequins pop, pull out their colours by wearing navy, emerald and bottle green, or deep reds from burgundy to scarlet.

Gold or rose gold jewellery pair best with both bags, because of the luxe gold thread and oversized tassel on the clutch. Keep pattern elsewhere to a minimum so nothing distracts from your bold and the beautiful arm candy.


More Diwali accessory inspiration

Want to save your Diwali handbag for the biggest day of celebration? Then here are some other party pieces to accompany you through the four other days of Diwali festivities, from ruby-hued croc-print handbags to pure gold plush pouches.