As the world adapts to the coronavirus outbreak, we’re having to think inside the box when it comes to being creative.

From taking up knitting to grasping calligraphy, now’s the perfect time to learn new skills – and master old ones.

Scroll down to see the ways our design, graphics and editorial teams are using their down time to be creative.

“As small gestures to post to my friends, family and neighbours, I’m creating ‘thinking of you’ notes. My top tip? Paint on scrap pieces of paper and magazines. As well as lifting spirits, your notes will help the environment too.”

“Now I’m no longer commuting, I can get lost in drawing and playing with illustrative patterns. I was Netflix binging the other day and, within two episodes of Tiger King, I’d already perfected a new pattern. Look out Olivia Coleman, I’m feeling The Crown next!”

“I’m busy colour co-ordinating my bookshelves and planting lots of seeds ready for the summer.”

“As a copywriter and a blogger, I’m always writing, which is why I like getting creative in other ways in my free time. I’ve recently learnt how to cross stitch and finished some of my first designs. Once I’ve practiced some more, I’ll try to complete a much bigger one!”

“I’m completing lots of puzzles with my cockapoo Hugo. Sally and I are thinking of joining an online life drawing class too!”

“I’m sketching again. I love that in graphic design you have so much scope digitally but sometimes it’s nice to go back to square one with pencil and paper. I tend to alternate between things in my house or ideas for prints I’d like to make.”

“I’m dedicating time each day to journaling – writing down my daily thoughts, achievements and any plans for when isolation’s over – as I figured it’ll be interesting to read back on in a few years’ time. I’m also finally getting around to making albums for all my holiday photos.”

“I’ve jumped back into crafting and have started making personalised cushion covers from excess materials. I’m also planning to revive my blog, which focuses on independent businesses. What better time to support them right?”

“I’m getting creative in lots of different ways! I save cut off pieces of fabric and have been embroidering them with wool and thread. I also make jewellery and ceramics and have just started learning how to apply gold leaf.”

“I’m taking up drawing challenges with my friends (over Skype, of course!). We each write down a few random items, adding a time limit for each one and then pick one out for us all to draw. If we can’t pick a winner, we make another friend decide. For added difficulty, try completing the challenges using only 10 pen strokes.”

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