What is Animal Print

Animal Print can come in any material that is made to resemble the pattern or fur of an animal. It is extremely common within the fashion and accessories industry and consistently popular with consumers. It has been seen on every type of clothing and accessories, from hats to dresses, and from handbags to jewellery.

There are many different prints seen within fashion. These includes, leopard print and snow leopard print, cheetah print, zebra print, tiger print, snakeskin, giraffe print and crocodile print and increasingly cow print has been introduced. The most commonly used Animal Print is leopard print.

Animal Print Trends and Animal Print Facts

Animal Print has been around for many years. It has always been generally expensive, luxurious and rather exotic, therefore was shown as a symbol of wealth and status. Many Kings and Queens used different prints in rugs and other decorative items as a sign of status. Animal print within fashion has always been considered as bold and has certainly made its mark in history.

Due to the popularity that leopard print has, it is favoured by many iconic characters in film and television. For example, characters such as Pat Butcher and Mrs Robinson both wore leopard print. Mrs Robinson made the leopard print coat alluring, making it popular within higher class society. On the other hand, Pat Butcher made the leopard print coat common, making it popular within the work class people. This meant that animal print could be worn by anyone, rather than leopard print being upper class or working class it was the styling and the way the individual chose to wear such a print that would determine it.

In the 1930s, American actress Bette Davis wore a leopard print coat which saw sales for Animal Print soar. She paired the coat with her iconic red lipstick which caused thousands attempting to recreate her look. Later in the 1980’s, animal print became extremely trendy again and was seen absolutely everywhere. The trend then reappeared in 2010 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Eighties was all about bright colours, bold prints, big hair and even bigger shoulder pads. From leopard print to zebra print, the louder the print the better during the Eighties. During the 1980's, layering was a popular trend, therefore, many people wore faux fur coats with their outfits. The most popular choice was a leopard print coat.

The demand for animal print decreased in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. In 2017/18 animal print became incredibly popular again in fashion, and now is one of the most in demand prints. Animal prints are always the runway – with leopard print, tiger print, cheetah print, zebra print and snakeskin leading the way. In 2019 we saw cow print come on the scene.

But why is there a huge demand now? Well, we are at a time where female empowerment has never been more talked about. Wearing a bold print shows confidence. The connotations of Animal Print have always been that it’s sexy, a bit raunchy, a bit daring, a bit wild.

Animal print within fashion has always been and will always be popular. It is likely your grandmother and mother wore leopard print. In the future. it’s likely that your future children will be wear leopard print too.

Where and When not to wear Animal Print

Different Seasons

There is no set season of when you can or can’t wear animal print. Usually during the Spring and Summer months it is paired with bright colours, such as yellows and oranges. During the Autumn and Winter months it is often paired with darker colours, such as burgundy and navy.

At a Christening

Animal print can be classy when worn correctly. However, it can also be a bit of a stand-out piece. Wearing animal print accessories rather than animal print clothing, will make you stand out less. Another option if you want to go for an understated look is animal print shoes, a leopard print pump or leopard print heel can be very classy and adds that extra element of style.

At a Weddings

Weddings are for celebrating, so wearing bright and vibrant animal print accessories with your outfit is great.

At a Funeral

Generally, dark colours are worn to funerals, therefore, it may be considered attention seeking wearing a standout print. On occasion, the deceased will request for bright and vibrant colours to be worn at their funeral. If this is the case, then animal print is fine to wear.

For an Interview

Dress for the job. If the job you are going for is creative, fashionable and fun, then go for it. It shows confidence, boldness and independence which can be a real winner. However, if you are going for a job as a banker, you may want to tone down on the animal print.

For Work

This depends on the image you wish to portray at work. Animal print is playful, confident and sexy. Animal print is fine to wear if you are working within a fashion house or a creative space. However, it may not be as appropriate if you are working as a teacher or a lawyer. At the end of the day a lot of the rules surrounding what you can and can’t wear is down to the styling rather than a particular print. So as long as you style your leopard print blouse appropriately it would be fine to wear to work.

If you are over the age of 50

ANYONE can wear Animal Print no matter what age or gender! Life is too short to not be fabulous.

What goes with Animal Print?

Years ago, because Animal Print is considered a bold print, only neutral colours were worn with it. Now, as confidence has built it is worn with everything. Spots, stripes, another print? You name it. You can wear any colour with any animal print and make it look fashionable. The colour red goes incredibly well with leopard print and can look very classy. If you want your print to stand out, it is best to wear neutral colours such as black and white.

Different Types of Animal Print

Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin like leopard print comes in many different shades, gold snakeskin and grey silver snakeskin are the most popular. All the it models such an Bella Hadid have been adopting the grey snakeskin leather co-ord look.

Cow Print

The standout print of 2019 and the newest on the scene is cow print. Made popular at fashion week, the trend setters and innovators of fashion were seen wearing cow print in many different capacities such as cow print shoes or boots and cow print skirts. Kylie Jenner was caught wearing a cow print swimsuit. Every luxury fashion brand has got on the cow print train, Burberry released a very popular cow print skirt.

Leopard Print

Arguably the most popular animal print, leopard print has been around for ages and remained popular through the ages. The brown leopard print is the most popular and is seen almost every fashion week in different capacities. Many of the sell out dresses from Topshop or Zara feature leopard print. One of the most popular styling tip is leopard print co-ords.

Zebra Print

A slightly more low key but none the less impactful animal print is the zebra print. The monochrome animal print is timeless and definitely a more classy work appropriate animal print.

Tiger Print

Tiger Print has recently risen in popularity and in the summer of 2019 was the it print. If you’re looking for a wow factor then Tiger Print is definitely the route to go, style a simple tiger print dress with a leather jacket for a trendy look with an edge.

Crocodile Print

Crocodile Print is more of a texture than a stand out print like leopard print. You are most likely to see crocodile print on accessories, the crocodile print bag is an incredibly popular and luxurious item.

Why Should You Buy Animal Print?

Animal Print is a trend that has been around forever, and it is likely to stay that way. If you are looking for a staple wardrobe piece that you can keep forever, then animal print is for you. Look at it as an investment piece that you will be able to bring out again and again.

Should Vegans Wear Animal Print?

There isn't anything ethically or morally wrong with Vegans wearing Animal Print. This is because the material hasn’t come from the animal itself. It’s all down to personal opinion. No one should ever be judged for wearing animal print.

How to Tell if The Animal Print on Your Clothing or Accessories is Real or Fake Animal Fur

Fur comes from an animal. Some brands will use this real fur in their products; however others will use faux fur. More and more brands are now ditching real fur and opting for faux fur in an attempt to become more ethical.

There are ways that you can tell the difference between real fur and faux fur. The first is to separate the fur and look at the base. You can also look at the tips of the hairs. Real animal hairs taper to a fine point. Faux fur, which typically has blunt ends.

A key way to tell if it’s faux or real fur is the price point. Real fur tends to be much more expensive.

Finally (this is only if you already own the item) you can do a burn test. Remove a few hairs from the item, hold them over a non-flammable surface, and then ignite them with a flame. Burning animal hair smells like burning human hair. Fake fur, which is commonly made from acrylic or polyester, smells like melting plastic when set alight.

Radley Animal Print Bags

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Indigo Place- Large Flapover Shoulder Bag

This bright ladybug crocodile print bag is the only bag you’ll need this summer. Not only is it incredibly practical thanks to the multi compartments but the colour and animal print style makes it so on trend.

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The Alba Place leopard print bag has the ability to take a simple outfit to a edgy stylish place. The leather leopard print exterior is so stylish and on trend and the multi-compartment feature make it so practical enabling you to stay organised 24/7.

Leopard Oilskin- Large Zip-Top Tote Bag

This leopard print tote bag is so handy and spacious it’ll fit all your essentials and all the extra shopping you pick up on the way.