We currently make our packaging from 75% recycled material. And by 2023 it will be made from 90% recycled material, as well as being 90% recyclable by you. This is how we create an infinite loop.

We don’t claim to make our packaging from 100% recycled material, or 100% recyclable for you, because we know this isn’t realistic due to a variety of factors including differences in local recycling restrictions. And we want to be honest in our commitments.


  • Since 2018 we have switched our poly bags for HDPE which is fully recyclable and from recycled sources
  • 100% of our tissue paper is recycled and recyclable
  • 100% of our separator cards are from recycled material and are recyclable
  • 70% of our cartons are from recycled material and are recyclable
  • 100% of our paper stock is FSC certified